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Thanks so much for checking out our game, we're looking at updating it soon with a bunch more levels and a few new mechanics, we hope you can come back and check it out then! :)

Awesome and thanks, we've added it to the description! :)

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Thanks so much for playing our game and making your video! We thoroughly enjoyed watching it and you had us laughing, a lot. If it's all good with you guys we'd like to add your video to our description page, such a surreal experience watching someone else play our game, really awesome! :) 

Thanks so much for giving it a play and leaving feedback! We didn't take inspiration from Mubbly Tower specifically, only because I don't think we've played it, but we definitely took inspiration from a lot of old stacking games made in flash, that we enjoyed playing when we were younger :) 

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Thanks so much for checking out our game and we're really glad you enjoyed it and liked the art. I don't think I've experienced the bug where the level won't restart, we'll have to try and reproduce it so that we can fix it, thanks for bringing it to our attention. :) 

Thanks so much for checking out our game and taking the time to write such a thoughtful response. 

We would love to love to add more levels in the future and to think a little more about the skill curve. 

We're really glad you liked the artwork and that you found the game "calming" because that is exactly what we were going for as far as game play feel, so it's awesome to hear. 

We have not heard of gdwc but it is definitely something we will look into, thanks for letting us know about it! :)