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Wow(ie), the impossible difficulty is actually impossible, I couldnt even make it past the first level. Well done!

Very cool game, great artstyle and the message is just nice. Awesome game, i would buy a finished product.

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Very interesting and cool game. The graphics are top notch! At the moment though, theres just not enough content but I can see this becoming a great game. One small issue I had while playing with friends is that the feedback when your main base is attacked is very unoticable.  In general I think you should implement a mode where you dont lose just because your main base was destroyed. In one game, I had the superoir army but the enemy went all in on my base and destroyed it eventhough I played better. But other than that, great game :D

Such a cool idea. I think you should add some sounds and a tutorial and you're good to go!

No, im not wrong. Click on "Download" and the on No thanks, just take me to the downloads

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For Android you don't. Just click "Just take me to the downloads".

This really isnt an ide. Its just some html templates, but he didnt even link the css file.

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5/5 Stars, the game idea is very cool, presenation and overall polish is extremley good, the music is good but doesnt fit the game in my opinion. My only complain is the difficulty. When you have three houses by default on one block and this is the one fallling, i think you have a really hard time saving all of them. Gut  gemacht!

Actually a quite cool game. The presentation is just not that great. You didnt implement a tutorial, no screenshots, no webgl, no sound. Cool concept, actually had fun playing, but put more effort into these thing next time.

Quite good looking but i dont understand what  i have to do. No Tutorial, no UI, not even a desciption.

Very nice from you, thank you!

Thanks, I actually had it in the game, but it was stacking and didnt know what to do. Do you know a solution for this? (I used dontdestroyonload)

Cool Game, I really like it,  especially the game over screen animation, its just great.  What you could work on next time is a camera controller, can be as simple as lerping the postion of the camera to the player position. It seems like you attached the camera to the player, which most of the time doesnt look good. (Theres also a Tutorial from Brackeys about it)

Haha thank you

Thank you very much, the "kill in void" feature is actually in the game except for this level because you jump really far. I added some explanations to the game's page.

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So dumb i forgot it, sorry. I think its mainly the UI, the Quality is just not that good, you can see the difference from the actual game and the UI.

Thats very nice, thank you, appreciate it.

Haha, thanks, i edited the decription!

Very cool idea, very well executed, you could work on the visuals.

Most fun game i played in this game so far.  This could easily be the next big rage game, if you'd add somekind of big level like in Geting over it and spice up the graphic a little bit.

So the visual are stunning, what you managed to do in this short amount of time is very good. But I think the camrea doesnt feel so good and the gameplay gets boring after you played one match. But if you expand a little (put in some kind of grenade that removes sveral people at once") the game could becombe really fun.

I really liked the game even though you didnt explain anything (hard to understand at first). The visuals are stunning, but the sounds are a bit annoying. Cant actually say something negative other than the tutorial!

Nice little game, not exactly original, but kinda well executed. But you should definitley add some kind of ammo system, in this state of the game you can just spam the fire button and eventually one bullet will hit. And the tutorial is kinda lame, but you probably hadnt had  enough time. But the rest is well executed.

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Your game look very good, the game concept is decent, and I really, really like the tutorial, maybe you could have also used the people (in tutorial)  for UI?! But: Add a WebGL build next time, it really changes the player rate of your game.

Thanks, I built the game with a zoom feature that I scraped again. The plattform to land is far away and you need to use the out of control feature to get the required speed. It was planned you could see the plattform, what you couldnt. :(

Nice, relaxing game, good polish, but I dont quite see the tie to the theme! Anyways, good game!

Thanks, forgot to mention that :|

I really like the concept (actually had the same idea at first), but I have a bit of problems:

It feels very satisfying at first, but  gets very unsatisfying when you have to clean that one spot you just cant get to due to the unresponsive controls. Just make the bar fill a little bit faster. And I dont no if you're new to game dev, but please also work on performance. I couldnt play it in the browser and even the downloadable version lagged, maybe thats why the controls were so unresponsive. But otherwise, very good.

Really cool, great idea, only thing I can say: Quit button doesnt work

Pretty good, I think you should work on it, I really like the idea!

(No need to talk about the polish)

Please add a tutorial next time, I didnt understand anything.