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What shader did you use? Would really love to know, it looks really good! Thanks!

Wish it was longer

The potential is there, it really is, I see you want to make a 3D platformer kind of thing, similar to crash bandicoot as someone mentioned below.

But, I dont think a 3D platformer fits for these kind of jams. The scope is just, too large.

First of all, the minimap was pretty useless, you never used it since you saw more with your eyes than what you could see in the minimap. And the jumping feels very floaty, it doesnt feel like you're an actual creature in an actual world. Animation is a huge part of this and need overall improvement. Unique character designs with good animations is key to a 3D platformer, with obviously smooth movement.

Bullets doesnt seem to be affected by gravity, which is another reason why this doesn't feel like an actual world. They just.. fly in air.

I also encountered a bug where you cant go uphills, you can only go downhills which was very frustrating.

For your next project:

Make sure that your scope is smaller, this is way too big for this kind of jam and need many months on constant working on before it can get released. And make sure that the gameplay is good, if the gameplay isnt good, then the overall game wont be very good. Also keep the level design simple. You need to practise on polishing a game, polish polish and more polish!

an overall 1.8/5 experience.


@phantomunboxing You try to grow by eating fruits and press space to hit them, if you cant reach them you need to grow bigger.

It's all about stragety and planning, takes around 5 minutes until you get the hang of it.

I'm alone so I cant play 2 player games :(

Visual novel I guess, not a fan of reading, but looked like an good story! Hope someone can wrap it up for me

Yea I agree with JamMas.. I just kinda walked around, and walked through walls

Nice graphics though!

The house visuals are a bit glitched and I dont really understand what to do :/ Nice graphics though !

Is it like a cookie clicker?

Thanks for playing Jindetesha!

You can definetly punch the other kids but if you're too small, you cant!

And are you sure that lemon thingy isnt just a visual bug? I added the lemon bushes 5 minutes before the deadline so I couldnt test them!

gdavid thanks for playing :P This is a little bit late though dont you think?

Really? does the game crash if you punch the guard? :o That's a new one :P

Thanks though for still finding this game after all this time haha

Not a fan of puzzles, but it was okay. This could be built upon, hope to see more from this project :)

Didn't understand how to play, tried to press every single button nothing happened :( Sounds were also a bit annoying and loud

Darn android.. cant play

It was fun just as a freeroam game, running around in this mysterious world, you try to search for other people or other friendly beings, but it's a bit of dissapointment since you're alone, there's nothing else, you see casinos, cinemas, strip clubs. Can't acess anything. It was also a bit buggy since you could stack the towers ontop of each other.

Graphics was AWESOME though, holy shit, that's a clear 5/5 on that! And the special effects, Oh man.


- Having more interiors and enterable areas

- Better controls, took some time to get the hang of it

- Having some kind of "goal", because my goal in this game was just stacking turrets ontop of each other and trying to make money, but there's no point in that since that's all you do.

- More structures! Cmon! I wanted to build weird shit! :D

I overall enjoyed it, I played it for a good 30 minutes and exploited some bugs, this is definetly the 2nd best game this jam, good job!

I didnt understand it :/

Cool but too little explanation :/

"What's the total sum of A [] [] 8?"

Best game this jam! Good job!

Is there only 1 level? I couldnt find the exit.

good game


I just spammed the arrow keys and the R button and got infinite flying powers

Awesome game!

Can I ask if you can send me the sprite walking cycle?

Me & my friend thought it looked really simple & good and is just what we need! (We wont be using the sprite we will only be looking at your walking cycle and then try and do something similar)


Thanks for pointing that out @dazz

We just realised that the movement speed is too slow to go upwards the slopes, so in early levels you'll have to jump or sneak.

It crashed

Fun game! Loved the cutscene

I gave you a pretty high score in Creativity because it's something pretty unique that I havent seen before.

But I played 3 maps and I never saw any AI, the randomly generated rooms were cool.

It wasn't that fun since it lacked alot of things, but it was still a good game for being created in 78 hours!

With a bit more work, this could be an awesome game!

The knockback when you shoot is too much, and makes it feel a bit clunky to play :/ Decreasing the knockback would be awesome!

Thanks so much for playing and bothering to write this comment, I appreciate it alot, glad you liked it!

It's sad seeing the direction you take this game, it has lots of potential but you've totally just ripped off nuclear throne and edited some graphics.

Like, the areas are not even unique, you've used the same areas as in nuclear throne.

Plus, the tileset & the random generation is exactly the same just repainted.

Even the GUI is exactly the same.

It's just sad, really, because you've lots of potential, and not even bothering to come up with anything by yourself is just. ugh..

You should atleast make it cheaper than nuclear throne.

I dont enjoy text based stories :/ looked pretty neat tho

Thanks for the comment and I understand your points :P

The game was developed in 8-10 hours and wasn't really playtested, so I just programmed stuff and went on with it.

I didn't want to include any tutorial, I wanted people to find out what to do by themselves :)

Thanks for playing though slimebrik, appreciate it.

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Nice game, crashes on start. Definetly worth 5$

Sounds awesome, any ideas of when final release?

I loved the concept, it just had some flaws.

What I'd love to see in the full version is a diplomancy system, so you can ally with the aliens, I tried to do this by placing humans there so they could become friends or something, but that didnt work.

Another thing I'd love to see is a tutorial. So I know what to do. I could only create an atmosphere on 1 planet and then boom, I couldnt do it anymore, which became boring in the long run.

the graphics, please dont change it. It looks so pretty

Overall good job, waiting for full release!