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Hack? Bug?

Nice Update!

Ok! I will Play Mod and i get Normal and Secret Ending!

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Outside is New and Big

I know when Ending is unused in Birthday Bash

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Teach me how to add Loading Screen, Big Ol' Boots and Teleportation Teleporter, Im working At Baldi's Bigger School Big Update

Title without Baldi

Title of Camping

Make Update of Birthday Bash like New Ballons, New Item - Present

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Version 3.0 Soon! AKA 4.0

Add Ability to change Screena's Speed like Fast, Slow, Don't Move, Very Fast, Very Slow

Maybe Change Normal Ending, Secret Ending and Game Over Objects

Your first 1.4.3 Mod

R.I.P. New Version of OofyOofOof's Basics

Add Green Soda that stuns character to disabled 15 Seconds, After 15 Seconds, Will back to enabled, Stuns all Characters except Alex

Great Remake!

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Add Safety Scissors to Public Demo please! Because i didn't Cut Playtime's Jumprope! And my Favorite Baldi's Basics Game is Baldi's Basics Classic


Well, Im Making Decompiled Version of Birthday Bash, Okay?

Good for Decompiling! and Give Credit to MissingTextureMan101

Thanks! Also Le Billy Re-uploaded Denied's Basics Pre-Release 3 to GameBanana

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No Oof in the Halls

Cool Story Boi and Bad Creation of Denied's Basics Pre-release 1, Ask Le Billy to give you a Good Creation of Denied's Basics Pre-release 1. Okay?

Do you Blocked way to Escape?!? Make Easy Version!

Thank You to accepting my Collection!

Now Youtubers must play Mod!


Not an Fangame

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Can i Have Baldi's Basics Classic 1.4.3 Project, Birthday Bash Project and Public Demo Project? Please? I want this Because i want Decompile Baldi's Basics Classic 1.4.3, Birthday Bash and Public Demo

Make Blank Title Screen Template where Removes Baldi And Logo except BlackBoard, Classic and Public demo Too!

Join to my Studio pls i need You

Join to my Studio pls i need You

Join to my Studio pls i need You

Join to my Studio pls i need You

Click "more info" and then click  "run anyway"

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Hey! I need Help with New Arts and Crafters, 0th Prize and TestDithered Voices that Arts and Crafters, 0th Prize and TestDithered can Talk and i am Working in my Mod called Baldi's Basics Changed School

Reupload Release 1 pls i need Release 1