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Thanks … That was totally out of rush , i need to stop using tri-mesh collisions and use basic shapes instead

nope just a dice roll simulator for people who love to see something visually cool xD

thank you , I started very late and I didnt have much time to think of a good mechanic, so I went for visual appeal xD

you sound like a very addicted, yet good gambler ty xD

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yeah am not here to sell my game, just trying to have fun and practice a new game engine 🤷‍♂️

Plus it’s a good click bait 😉😂

you can open it in a Sandbox environment if you don’t trust it

Thanks alot, The game was a 3-days game jam submission, and I had to stop developing it as I am still learning the Unigine Game Engine,

Probably a full remake will be done later.

Thanks for passing by !

Hmm who’s asking? XD

احنا شخصين نستعمل نفس الحساب 👍

اللعبة مبنية على القفز .. حركة المسبار بطيئة عن قصد

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The game was created for an Arabic only game jam, so it’s really fine if you couldn’t get the game

Although you can easily win by noticing the first letter (in red) and having a set made up of totally different colors

Have fun fella 🥂

Hmm sure, you have a set of cards in your hands and on the ground

You need to keep swapping your unwanted cards with cards on the ground

The goal is to have a full set of cards which starts with the same letter

And each card in the set should be of a different category

An example can be collecting : Bob/Bear/Banana/bell/Belgium

Notice that they all start with B But they are categorized as following: Human name, animal , plant, object, country/city

And each category has a color

The game was originally known to a guessing game where you compete against your peers to guess words that start with a specific letter of each category of the mentioned previously

Terminator logic :

wait 4 sec choose random card swap


شكرا جزيلا 🧡

I am working for visuals for the game atm I’ll post it after the jam 😁

😂😂😂😂 omg that should be a thing lol 😂😂😂

wait 1 week ? i thought its 1 day xD

.. violence ..

definitely not terarria :P


Nah, it’s not visual bugs 😅 , the problem is I never used unigine before, so I don’t know how raycast works, instead i created my custom raycast that is activated by the distance to the pivot instead of the geometry .. 😅 once I understand how unigine works I’ll fix it 👌

Sorry about that 🙏

try to follow the steps in the video and confirm please

ok, can you try to follow the steps in the video? am afraid that might be a bug in my code :/

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yes you can, but its preferred to create collisions separately later for a better performance

#Partner_in_Crime I was the keyboard :D

LOL thank you for noticing xD

xDDD I know lol but wait,, keep me in the voting and discard me in the end xDD

😂😂😂 that’s the spirit

it’s the good time your clients are having, and the bad time you’re having.. or maybe the opposite :P

yep xD some of them has culling timer (“to improve performance supposingly”), but also to look like they gave up after realizing what happened in the top of the mountain xD

Thank you for the cool organization

Can you record a gameplay video ?

waaaaaaw xD

Happy that you liked it xD

i suck in doing music 😅😂 but thank you for trying the game 🤩

i totally agree, i have some fixes planned to avoid the (I AM THE UNLUCKIEST) behavior 😂

You can find a refined version of the game in the link in the game page 

For now, playing low cards is needed if you want to achieve Draw and Reset your hand ... But in the future there will be (special ability) cards that the enemy might play to destroy your last played card for example..

Also thank you for enjoying the game😍

Loved the combat difficulty 🔥🔥

Very satisfying and challenging, took me a while to adapt to the rules , but i had much fun 😍