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this game is super awesome  gameplay and graphics wise, I loved how each sign had something related to the "Lore" specially LuLu's and Ezreal xD

I just wonder when can I play with the rest of the characters ?is it like a demo, or are they un-lockables ? 

thanks for the great game

When you open the zip file you should find index.html directly

Not the folder called built_project

I see why now, your .zip file has a folder that contains the game files,

You have to move the gamefiles out side the folder then zip it again


The player is scarier than the enemies  ~(TnT)~

yet its nice game

I suggest u choose your game type to (RUN IN BROWSER) instead of DOWNLOADABLE in ITCH IO game settings, so everyone can play it

OMG MAN ,, I SWEAR I HAD THE GOD DAMN SAME IDEA (2D version, no storyline)

I LOVE IT SO MUCH, it's even way better than the one i was going to make <3

I kinda wonder what was the mana bar for :/
, however very cool game, graphics and sounds , I kinda missed the theme (cuz I dont really read stories in game jams , sorry bout that) but for real very nice game

I tortured the teenagers pretty bad xD 
I really think this game can be re-visualized to match Halloween theme , stealing candy from kids and making them follow u if they saw u

Thanks for your response and noted all the comments, I'll be fixing them and upload the source so soon

thanks so much for playing the game,

The browser version is really buggy on chrome, worked fine on Firefox (forgive me for that)

For the alignment, my testers/friends complained about the game being so hard so I decided to make an easier version.

However when I upload the source I'll surely include the hard (proper) version

thanks for the information dude, that's  really helpful

But downloadable version works so fast

thank you, so the thing is, I made the game in rush and instead of packing the scenes, i duplicated everything 12 times
The game is still small (50MB) but there are many materials and objects to be loaded

I smell minesweeper in this game ;D  

after the game loads and the screen go black , refresh the game page , it will load immediately

Dark Wizard : Stay in the shadow
GG game xD

Very beautiful artwork and graphics, however there are few comments about the gameplay :
- The parallax background is moving too fast (got me dizzy)
- The Audiostream you use is AudioStream2D that is relative to your view position (use AudioStream only (without 2D))
- The camera follow you used is refreshing at the opposite mode (Physics / Idle ) thats why the character feels like glitching all time 

hope I was useful ;D

Dude the game has nothing to do with shadows </3 .. anyhow , i spent around 10 minutes exploring the area , it was fun jumping around

Loved the concept and the chickens, wished if there are multiple levels / maps with increasing challenge

Made it to the end xD

FREAKISHLY NICE GAME ! ,  good sound effects  and very nice use of lights, I wish if you tell me if these are Godot 2D Lights , or its a soft of a shader

and lol never seen a black hole being wiped by light :P 

FREAKISHLY NICE GAME ! ,  good sound effects  and very nice use of lights, I wish if you tell me if these are Godot 2D Lights , or its a soft of a shader

and lol never seen a black hole being wiped by light :P 

My anti-virus detected a trojan virus in the game ._.   please make sure ur PC is not infected , and scan your games before uploading them next time

الموضوع متخطط له 😂 احنا عرضنا مرحلتين كعرض عشان نبيع اللعبة الكاملة  💰 امزح ، ما لقينا وقت كفاية للاسف مع انو كنا مخططين لاكتر من مرحلة 😅

btw , how did u do the transition between universes (I use godot too)

i did earlier yesterday, you got an amazing game too man 😭👍

lmao 😂 true wallah, my bad . Anyways thanks for the good time

شكرا , و سامحنا لانا كنا متأخرين في التسليم

your game is so nice (except it is not about Parallel universe /// its about universe traveling) , anyhow I enjoyed it so much luck

Lemmino  *wink wink* xD

شكرا 🤩 ، و معك حق ، كل اللي قلته صح، كان وقت التطوير ضيق للاسف فما لحقنا نحط مشهد نهائي مناسب

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nice game .... wished if there were some voice acting tho </3

هلا , لاحظت ان الصوت يتغير كل مرة تغير المشهد, جرب تستعمل
singleton (Autoload script)
و منها خلي الاصوات تشتغل

thats a very smart idea, loved it, couldn't beat it tho (the hero always  run with 20 hp - bad memory here)

Blood WARNING ............  Dont scroll if u hate blood

Title : Behind the the scenes of KFH

For some reason , the bullet  doesn't move fast enough :/

around 25~30 minutes , wasn't hard really (except lv.10 ) but it was satisfying that I wasted time while being the "last bullet bender" :P


Epic ,,, Hot Fix ::: Play this in the background