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yes you can, but its preferred to create collisions separately later for a better performance

#Partner_in_Crime I was the keyboard :D

LOL thank you for noticing xD

xDDD I know lol but wait,, keep me in the voting and discard me in the end xDD

😂😂😂 that’s the spirit

it’s the good time your clients are having, and the bad time you’re having.. or maybe the opposite :P

yep xD some of them has culling timer (“to improve performance supposingly”), but also to look like they gave up after realizing what happened in the top of the mountain xD

Thank you for the cool organization

Can you record a gameplay video ?

waaaaaaw xD

Happy that you liked it xD

i suck in doing music 😅😂 but thank you for trying the game 🤩

i totally agree, i have some fixes planned to avoid the (I AM THE UNLUCKIEST) behavior 😂

You can find a refined version of the game in the link in the game page 

For now, playing low cards is needed if you want to achieve Draw and Reset your hand ... But in the future there will be (special ability) cards that the enemy might play to destroy your last played card for example..

Also thank you for enjoying the game😍

Loved the combat difficulty 🔥🔥

Very satisfying and challenging, took me a while to adapt to the rules , but i had much fun 😍


Word :


cuuuuute and really satisfying to play 😍

 Nostalgia much 😍😂 used to play it on NES without knowing the name 😅

Pretty and smart game🤩

Charming atmosphere 😍

So cute

😍 The art style is something else


Thank you for the review, I am also aware of the Audio delay caused by WASM, (you can always try the downloadable for the best results)

thank you, glad you liked it

In the title menu, press File -> Export
then you can choose (single frame / Sprite Sheet /Animation)

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press start, search for "DXDIAG", run it and screenshoot the display tab

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Have to admit, very nice idea .. however the game play is so annoying, It would've been better if there is an indication of where the cars heading toward, or if they can follow the same exact path everytime in which the game can be a puzzle instead of just a random simulation.

The visuals are great, but in the down side, they block the vision ( a mini map can solve this partially)

~~ but hey its game jam so well done ~~

very clever, I think the "lunch with previous settings" should include setup the orbit, its so irritating to have to turn the setup orbit 90 degrees  everytime then press <down>

aand we got a winner xD

this game is sooo fun to play (and to listen to the funky music)

aand we got a winner xD

this game is sooo fun to play (and to listen to the funky music)

Funny one xD enjoyed it , I Just wish if the bugs don't cover they key completely ( it becomes harder to guess the key from the neighboring keys

smart puzzles , liked it

Cool Idea (reminds me of Garen from LOL <Spin2Win> xD ) 

This game is so Satisfying ,until I decide to use my laptop's Touch-pad that doesn't allow you to use 2 buttons simltaniously xD

well made game ^^

The possibilities are limitless, so fun to play, YET SO HARD to complete (finished 4 levels)
I wonder how long did it take you to test the levels (wonder if you did) xD

I did, it was one of the early games I played and it is so flashy and well-made actually, but repeating the same mechanics become a bit boring after a while, but still ,its an amazing game ^^

np ... btw why don't the game have "Pay whatever you want option" ?