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By 2 colors, you mean exactly 2 colors , or 2 colors including their shades ?

Sorry about it </3 , I really wanted to Support Blender Game Engine but sadly it does NOT support browser exporting :(

thanks a lot, sadly blender game engine is not developer friendly (because GPL License), but it's perfect for jams and small projects

A smile of a serial killer xD

anytime man ;D

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The game reminds me of "dweep" , a puzzle game from 10~15 years ago
Loved it

هههههههههههههه لا لا بس هو محتاج شوية صبر و متابعة لحركة الصخور

هههههههههههههه لا تدعي علي بس xD

Try my game please 😉

Gonna call you Particles master

I really wanted to give the game 5x5 stars, but no audio :((

I love the game, the graphics, the sounds, even the name :D
Really Good Job

The Game Should be called Sea Sickness xD
am in love with the concept, the puzzles are so neat and well made, smooth transitions and movement BUUUUUT no background music :((   

am in love with this game, easy to understand the physics and moderate difficulty (won in 3rd trial)

Too glitchy and slow  :( 

Thanks bro, The same here
Done already ;D

if you are using linux, it might be an issue with the framerate, if so you can solve this by simply adding "vblank_mode=0"  without quotes before your browser command in the terminal 
Ex: "vblank_mode=0 firefox"