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such stellar work of storytelling and visual simplicity.

Just doing a quick run through was enough to keep me on the edge of my... well, I game standing up. What a precious little game this is. The aesthetics I felt was very important even in this rather short and mysterious game.

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Hello. Wonderful and sensible game. We need more games like these.

I have two issues with the gameplay. The juddering camera movement as we walk. Is there no way to make this smooth and adaptive to the speed we walk in? I obviously don't know anything about game creation but as a player, I find the stuttery camera a problem. [edit]: just read that you fixed it in a post above 111 days ago but I guess not?

The second issue is that the grandma does a great job making feel guilty about going ahead of her. Very emphatic gameplay. I always felt immediately guilty when I moved ahead of her. Good job!