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A member registered Nov 12, 2016

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Created a new topic Some glitches.

Hey man, I played your demo and it was pretty neat (left some feedback in my rating), but there were a couple of glitches/oddities I noted that I wanted to mention:

-When descending and ascending some stairs, the character gets stuck on the edge of some stairs, as if it doesn't fluently connects to its attached platform (meaning you have to jump over it).

-The zombie-type enemies seem to have a fixed horizontal path, meaning that if there are no boundries set around the platform they inhabit, they start walking through mid-air (this happens on multiple occasions).

-Final checkpoint of the level doesn't seem to work. It gives a message when you walk through it, but if you die afterwards you respawn at the checkpoint before the last one.

Anyway, hope this helps, despite its flaws the demo was definitely enjoyable and shows potential; I'll be waiting for the next one.