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I still can't believe i just realized this came out now! I'm really loving the series so far, and this one specially made me cry! i was trying to hold my tears back but i guess it was just impossible, hehe. 

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for making such fantastic and beautiful games, i which you were more known in the indie games maker community. I really hope you have a nice day or night, depends on when you read this. I will be patiently waiting for the next of your releases!

Happy birthday Treat! 

Sorry for not being able to be here sooner, some inconvenients didn't let me.

I would also like to use this chance to ask you, Nami, if you have a public discord server. You don't have to tell me or invite me if it's private, since i don't want to bother you in any way. 

That being said, have a nice day or night!

I'm looking forward to this

Is this mod dead? i haven't seen any updates in a while.

No problem! but is there a spanish translation for the five games? (probably not for Dreaming Treat since it's the latest game, but im just asking)

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Hello! Are you interested in doing a Spanish Translation? i could maybe help with it ^_^

When i try to open an exe it throws me this "While handling UE4 prereqs: UE4 prereq installation failed"

I've tried with all three of the files, it says the same. Does anyone know how i can fix this?