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 Just checked it out, yeah, it was 5pm.

Sure! I couldn't add you, I think the discord tag you gave me was wrong. I'm not sure what time it was when I wrote this, maybe around 4-5pm?

I'm a low-poly 3D modeler, programmer, and level designer. Let me know if you want to team up, however do know I will be working on my own project in addition to yours. Discord: ModernistTT#8322.

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I'm a good LowPoly modeler, lemme know if you want to team up. I will be working on my own submission in addition.

Myself all love this theory

The community game jam -_-

He loves this theory

Hello! My name is Aidan Somerville, and I am the creator of a game named Global Assault Organization, (name subject to change), and would like to see you react to a trailer I am currently working on. The game is in a VERY early stage and may not be ready within, well, years. I would like this more as a promotion of my Studio than the actual game. The game is being made in the unity engine, with what is currently a 200$ budget. I am working on hiring a team and hope to have the start of this game done soon. If you could give me a way to contact you when the trailer is finished, that would also be good. Contact will be listed below:





I look forward to further contact. I would be very willing to give a tip, and your channel is very cool! Best of luck to you in your journeys! P.S. Here is a document containing more info on the game.

"no bugs"  

key glitches through floor

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Was i just

Rick rolled?

Could I use standard assets in the project?

Say I found a model in sketchfab, plopped into into blender and changed literally half of it. Would that be allowed?