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MobKiller Animations

A member registered Dec 27, 2016

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So i got to the last fighters, the QF-18s and i was on their 6 o clock, until i got a warning sign and the QF-18 fired missiles back at me. Was this intentional or something else?

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Just wondering, but what is the button for the flare for the 0.2.9 Demo? I love this game btw, reminds me of my good ol' days playing Ace Combat. And in the settings the Back and Reset Buttons are overlapping with the regular settings, anyways to fix that?

Loving the game!! Btw... you may get better frames if u find a way to add Occlusion or Visual Culling to the game, which doesn't render objects in the view leading to less RAM usage. Just saying.. cant wait for what comes next ;)