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A member registered Mar 17, 2021

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Great Game! I love it to play it on my phone :) thank u! 

thank u! 

great game! But u want to play it offline on my pico 8 Emulator on Smartphone. How I can get the png.8 for download pls?

Erster! Werde es mir direkt ziehen! Ich liebe deine Spiele! 馃嵒

Hi Paul!

thank u for this gem! When my uncles played DUNE II I watched as a child :D

I recorded some gameplay from my mobile phone:) but it is in german ;)

One of the best Retrovibes i had on my android tablet. I will be really happy when the full release is finally:)

i show u my android gameplay of paracreat:

Hi! I can't dm u on Twitter. I ask here: can I translate ur game in german?

Okay :) thank u for ur answer :) I love ur games (:

U add music later to the game?

U r right. I have to make some New gameplqy Video when Multiplayer-Modus comes in regular version (:

Play this Game on my Tablet and it is pretty good! I recommend it! For some gameplay video Look at this

Great work! One of the best I know! And I know al lot! Hehe.

thx alot!

Looks good. U have Plans for a mobile Version?

Great Game! I buy the full version and played now ca 3hours and can't stop playing! A very great retro feeling. Thx alot! 

u can see some gameplay of my Savegame. The best is: Dragonborne have a german localization!