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That was fun to play.

Lots of fun. Thank you :) Good work.

I had a lot of fun playing this one. It’s a bit tough to keep track of what weapon you’ll use in the middle of the action. Good presentation and nice, crunchy feel. Good work.

I had fun with this one. Liked the presentation and the chill vibe. And some of the puzzles had me working on them for a bit. Good work :)

I really liked the presentation for this game. Really charming. Thank you for making it :)

I liked the art and the music. And I liked the dodging part of the game. I didn't quite understand how to progress. Really good work for a first game. Keep going :)

Fun little game, and very well presented. Good work :)

Thank you :)

Excellent little game. Had to play it to the very end. Nice art and music, and simple concept. Well done.

The Torch  🔥! Thank you! I played Blue Insides and left a rating and a comment, so how about that?

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Very tight. Not much to it but it looks good and controls well. 

Really cool and it's awesome that you made this by yourself. I found that it dragged on a bit since it was only one enemy type and only one tower type. Still, one of my favourites for the jam so far.

Thank you, Nanto! Well you can use your ghost scare ability to push enemies away from the crystal and into towers. It's not presented in the most intuitive way though, so I can understand why you would miss that.

Thank you, Toaster with the Most-er! There is definitely room for tuning the core loop, the progression, and the difficulty curve. Lessons are being learned, thanks to wonderful feedback from people such as yourself :)

Thank you kindly :) Yes it was tricky to show the feedback when the player is hit in a way that works with the rest of the game in the limited time of the jam. But hey, every jam you learn a little more, so may be next time ;)

Thanks :)! I wonder if the variety of enemies and player abilities contributed to your experience of levels dragging on.

Thank you :)! Yeah for sure. We'll definitely do our best to add a tutorial in our next jam game. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback :)

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The concept is quite cool. It would have been nice if movement was a bit smoother, and if it was a bit more clear what characters were meant to do and what abilities they had. I'd say include a tutorial but we didn't really have time to do a tutorial in our game  😅 I think you can develop this concept into something really awesome.

Thank you, good doctor! Awesome feedback! I agree with you on all counts. You have a good eye for detail. Thank you  😊

Thank you  🙂 I definitely agree that making the damage states more prominent would be helpful feedback when playing.

Thank you, we're glad you liked it 😀 The difficulty balance was a point of discussion during development until the very end. I think a difficulty slider might have been helpful, although I'm not sure if we would have time for that  😰

Awesome art, sounds, and atomsphere. There's a bug where sometimes when you're attacked you don't turn into the skull. Cool take on the theme. Good work.

Cool 80s/90s vibes. Nice control on the player character. No idea what this has to do with the theme. Still, cool little game.

Interesting idea. I wonder what would happen if when you died you respawned immiediately and the level changed, so that you would have to anticipate what would happen and react quickly.

I like how cute and relaxing this game is. The jump felt a little too tight but I didn't realize that could hold down space to jump more, which is kind of cool. The music is very good.

I love the art direction in this game. The controls get a little awkward once you get all your abilities because you have to juggle the keyboard and the mouse. It would have been nice to have attack mapped to a keyboard key. It's a bold game and cool take on the theme. And again, very good art direction. Kudos.

Thank you :) I programmed the game and very nearly added "hold down key to move totem" and then I rushed off to something else. Definitely would help with placing totem and I'm glad you validated my thinking on that :)

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave such a kind comment :)

We're glad you thought so and thank you for taking the time to let us know. Very kind :)

Thank you :) Didn't really know if it was going to work until the end.

Thank you very much :)

We're glad you're enjoyed it and thank you for taking the time to leave such kind words :)

Thank you. Lymez, our talented artist and Lars, our talented sound designer, brought that to life. Kind of you to leave a comment. Thanks again :)

I am humbled by your kindness. Thank you so much :)

Thank you for you kind words and for taking the time to leave us feedback. Yes, there are a couple of problems with how the scare mechanic is currently implemented: its range is random between a min and a max value every time it's triggered. The crystal will also block enemy movement even when they're scared. Those can lead to a janky experience with the scare ability. Wondering if keeping the range fixed and adding some visual to indicate the range would help here. Thanks again :)  

We love to hear it. Thank you for you kind words :)

So kind of you, thank you :)

Thank you for your feedback, and you for your idea to use static images for a tutorial. We think balancing that having some kind of slider like you would see in a mobile app onboarding experience could strike a balance between time efficiency and actually having some kind of tutorial. You got us thinking. Thank you :)

Lars, our sound designer, is one talented dude. Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave feedback. Yes, we've been discussing the lack of tutorial and how to best incorporate it under the tight time constraints of a game jam. We think may be have a series of static onboarding screens at the beginning could balance time and some kind of tutorial.