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wonderful and atmospheric, excited to check it out at night!

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A small autobiographic interactive diorama.  (5-10 minutes)

Explore the dream, find the seashells, and let the memories go.

You can play  it on web browser, or download the dream over at

Download recommended for the best experience.

Content warnings for descriptions of transphobia, homophobia, and racism.

Ay Ivan me alegro muchísimo que te haya gustado el juego, y que la concha final haya ayudado un poquito a procesar ese recuerdo. Valoro muchísimo que te hayas abierto aquí para contar tu experiencia también. Me siento muy identificado leyéndote la verdad, y siento mucho que hayas pasado por eso. Muchísimas gracias en serio.

thank you so much!

muchísimas gracias!!!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

This is gorgeous! Made me emotional. Incredible game!!

Incredible meditative experience with witty, thought provoking dialogue. Unique stuff here. Can't wait to see what you do next.

This was fucking incredible. I'm speechless. Pure Rae essence.

Super sweet, an actual joy to read despite the heavy emotional subject!!

Lovely prose, beautiful music as always. Loved the images you were describing. :)

the scares almost made me choke, great game, hated it, so it means it achieved what it needed. 10/10

Amazing game!

This was fucking incredible. I'm at a loss for words. I really like the loop you built here. Excited to see where Shutter Stroll goes!!!

Super charming! Nice sound effects, cool and challenging concept!

Very challenging!!! Took me a couple tries to actually beat the boss and dodge the bullets at the same time

I LOVE typing games. This was probably one of the most satisfying ones; as the others already pointed out, finishing a word gives you more motivation to hammer another hit. The sound effects and the movement really eggs you on. Incredible stuff as usual Salman!!

This was incredible!! I was extremely drawn in. I'm going to keep thinking about this for a long ass time. Favorite thing I've read in a while.

All I wanted was to please my girlfriends, they all roasted me instead. 10mg out of 10mg!!

I HAD AN AWFUL TIME, WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. The sound design was incredibly uncomfortable. WELL FUCKING DONE. 10mg out of 10mg!!

Thank you for letting me win at minesweeper despite the fact that I've never beaten a single game in my life! 10mg out of 10mg!

This was SO COOL WOMBAT!! Amazing job!!!