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Thank you for your great comments and encouragement. :))

Loved the NFT reference hahaha. Solid effort.

I have some points that could improve the gameplay:

- Noticed that bushes and trees give out points (not sure if that's intentional), it would've been better if you left the bushes as pickups, and made the trees into obstacles, forcing the player to jump up and down trying to get the bushes without hitting the tree.

- it was not very apparent at first that the bushes and trees were pickups. I thought they were obstacles. Maybe a highlight would help with that, or changing it into a start instead which is a bit more intuitive. 

- It would make it more challenging, and more fun, if the player dies or gets damage when they touch the ground or the sky (the limit of the screen).

Thank you for your feedback!
Glad you had fun playing the game, we certainly had fun making it. If definitely needs a lot of polishing and balancing tho. And you're right, the rocket launcher should probably be more expensive than the laser turret. We underestimated the rocket's area of effect.

Thank you for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed the game.
Hahaha yeah the game needs a lot of polishing that's for sure. We got too carried away with implementing features and didn't leave enough time for proper testing.

Loved the voiceover and the art. I appreciate the level of difficulty being moderate. Maybe it's just me but the second boss was easier to beat. With that said, you had me at Bingus Squimbelling!

All in all, Great game!

Impressive game! The levels are intricate and take time to solve. Very nice.

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D and you're right I'm planning to update it after the jam voting is over.

Thank you I'm glad you liked it, and yeah it needs way more balancing, currently it only gives the player 20 seconds to finish. I'll definitely update it after the submissions voting is over.

Very nice concept, awesome graphics and sounds are on point. Great game.

for me it shot using left mouse button but I had to click on the player for that to happen, otherwise it doesn't shoot.

Game is awesome, but there is a bug where the hand freezes in place and you can't hit anymore.

oh I will check that asap, and yeah the win/lose screen aren't the best but had to rush it  before the deadline.

Thank you so much for playing and giving me feedback, greatly appreciated.