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Youtube algorithm do that sometimes.

Thank you! We made an update that improved the game in the main aspects and solved the main problems.

Sorry for the gun bug, i'm going to fix it soon :)

Thank you! I understand what you said about lighting, but that has already been resolved in the last version. :)

The Unity collision is very buggy, I was unable to resolve this unfortunately. You must move away from the door and open it, as it collides with your body. I'm sorry for this.


This problem also happened with me, but I couldn't find what was causing this problem in the code, and it's rare, it happened only once with me. I'm sorry, i'll try to do something about it.

The mouse sensitivity set in the game is good for most of the sensitivities used. I will put a way to choose the sensitivity within the game, in the meantime you can decrease the DPI/sensitivity of your mouse.

I updated the game, now you should know what to do. Sorry for this.

Thank you! Glad you liked it :)

It's not really a bug, but it's not clear in the game. I'm updating now, I'm sorry.

The game will tell you when you need the key.

No, the key can only be picked up at the right time.

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I'm currently doing another game, but after that who knows ...

Thanks! :)

Thanks man! :)

Sorry for the difficulty and bugs, it was our first game. Thanks for playing :) (great channel anyway).

Hahaha!. Thanks for playing my game. :D

Gracias ;)

Gracias :)

Valew mano, eu já to sabendo, obrigado :)

Thx man! Your opinion really help us! :)

Obrigado! Sou brasileiro também :)

Thanks! :)

We are happy that you liked, we will soon release the full version of the game.


Thanks! We are doing our better to the full game ;)

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Yes, when the final version came out ;) I'm sorry about the 64-bit demo!

Thanks! :)

Thanks man! Our team is working really hard to the best game possible, to be better than demo. :)

Nice channel ;) thx...

Thanks guy!