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Both the demo and the full version only have unique game over screens for the bosses. In very early versions of the game when there were fewer enemies there was more, but most of those were turned into regular attacks.

There are 23 floors made up of 4 dungeons and 1 more boss area.

Oh ok, yeah the V4 saves are not compatible with the final version, that was one of the alpha builds.

The demo of the full version has compatible saves.

Hey, make sure that the save file is in the same place as the exe and the data folder.

If you are on a Mac you need to put the files here: : ~/Library/Application Support/mminit/Lewdest Labyrinth 

In addition, make sure the game files are in a location where the game can read/write to a file, sometimes people have it in a drive where Windows will restrict it. Try placing the game on your Desktop or another common place.


Do you have the game inside a hidden folder or in a drive where you can't read/write files?

If you are on Windows, are you sure the save and config file were put in the right place? They should go into the 'Lewdest Labyrinth' folder where the exe,  data folder and read me file are.

If you are on Mac, you need to put the save and config files in: ~/Library/Application Support/mminit/Lewdest Labyrinth 

Yes, copy the save file and config file to the folder of the full version (same place as the exe)

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If you're getting stripped that often it's very likely that you don't manage your LP appropriately, you could be letting it pile up. The chance of being grabbed depends on the amount of LP held and the length of a battle (there's also a 2 turn cooldown before a grab can happen again so that the player can recover). Later in the game this becomes important due to the amount of LP enemies give you, raising your lewdness stat will make you resilient against the LP given by those attacks. However, it could also be a case of unlucky RNG.

As for being naked having fewer lewd attacks from enemies, this is intentional since those attacks are LP based and being naked basically generates it constantly. In that state the enemies just want to finish you off. It may be kind of immersion breaking, but it would have made playing naked be overpowered.

Thanks for playing!

Hey! I have no plans for anything like that right now, the closest thing at the moment is being covered in fluids while naked.

Thanks a ton, glad you liked it.
I don’t plan on updating the game anytime soon, for now I’d like to focus on other projects. In terms of new game+ the only thing that carries over to other save files are your costume unlocks, so you can start over again with the ones you like. Map completion is only for stat boosts at 90% for each map, nothing else at the moment.

I don’t have a Patreon because I’m not sure of how to make it work for me in a way I like, perhaps sometime in the future depending on the type of project I’m working on.

No I don't have any plans for an android version.

Glad you got it working!

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Hey, this sounds very similar to this issue https://itch.io/t/185031/issue-launching

It may be an issue with your graphics device, are you playing the finished version on the same PC as the old demos? If your PC is capable of switching between integrated or dedicated graphics then try both of them, or disable that feature altogether.

Try the standard stuff too, like updating your drivers, making sure you have DirectX, redownload the game and do a restart, etc.

Edit: do you know if other Unity games give you this issue?

I'd like to, but first I need to get a linux environment setup in order to test things. I just haven't been able to get around to it yet.

No that's not normal, did you type in your email address correctly? Did you check your spam folder?

Send me an email: mminit4@gmail.com

I'll check and help you get it sorted out.

No plans at the moment for that but it could change in the future.

The demo of the full version can have the saves carried over, just copy over the save file and the config to the folder of the full game. The saves from V4 (dev version) however will not.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for sticking with me since the beginning.

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The demo is available right on the page next to the windows version. Full one is available too upon purchase.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Unfortunately not at this time, but I hope to in the future.

Sorry but there's no way to do that since they are two different platforms. That and the full game is not currently offered on itch (for now but anything is possible in the future).

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Heal is the only way to get your clothing back. It's a resource now but compared to V4 you can use it as many times as you are able in battle. You can replenish one by using the Water item. With a capacity of 6 (or 7 if you just came from a fountain and have Water), you should have enough if you're managing them and using them in the right situations until you reach the next save (but there's also RNG as well).

Those are warp points, they become available once you start beating the bosses (second boss to be exact).

When you buy the game through humble you will be sent an email with download links, itch.io is just for the demo.

Did you use a valid email address when you purchased? If not email me and I'll help you.

Are you playing the demo version?

The description on the page mentions the following:

"Please try the demo version found below if you have any concerns regarding compatibility with your system. The demo version goes up to the third floor and has a 100 XP cap."

Yes, the game is about 300mb unzipped. I compressed the game files to keep the download small.

Yes those are intentional, poison and grapples can only bring you to 1 HP. Once naked, you no longer become overwhelmed by lewdness.

Hi, I answered a similar question here https://itch.io/t/204673/i-already-bought-the-game-but

Sorry about the confusion, back then I had no idea how I was going to go about selling the game and those were just optional donations. In hindsight I should have never turned on those donations because it gives people the wrong idea, oh well. Again, I apologize.

You need to complete the game in order to unlock it.

Hi there, 

The development builds that were uploaded previously were not for the full game, they were optional donations of any amount for people that wanted to support development (the popup mentioned optional support or saying no thanks).

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, if you'd like for me to refund your donation I will do so. Send me an email: mminit4@gmail.com

Yup! A demo will be available.

I do care about public feedback, that’s why there were 4 free builds and and after an open discord.

As helpful as that could be, a public release of what is essentially the full game is the same as giving it away. I get that these types of games are often disposable or not taken seriously by a lot of people, but I put a ton of work into this.

I’m lucky enough to have some beta testers helping me, and while it’s likely impossible for us to catch every bug, it’s the best I can do at the moment.

Looking at your post history your complaint was the grabs?

Then yea, it’s easier to respond to grabs now (their rate of damage was reduced) and enemies don’t do them as frequently, for example you won’t be grabbed twice in a row anymore.

Yup! On the tail of end of development now for the completed version.

You can check my blog and twitter if you want to see progress:



Thanks for sticking with me!

The game is really far along at this point and I won't be adding any big features, but there are different costumes for customization. Glad you like it, full version should be coming soon!

Sorry I don't have anything like that, rest assured I'm working on the game as much as I can.


The game is built in Unity so the language is C#

You can build a game with any engine or language you’d like, so there isn’t anything special with what I chose to use. If you want to make a dungeon crawler the only specific things you’d need to make are:

-First person grid movement
-Minimap (optional)

Actually even the grid movement is optional, that’s just something DRPGs typically use. Everything else is standard RPG stuff, how you handle battles, equipment/items, menus, etc is up to you.

The game is nearing completion so there isn’t much to help with, thanks though. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the info, if I find a solution to this I'll let you know.

Yes, I'm making good progress.

Sorry about that, one last thing I can think of is checking your DirectX version and updating that, but I get the feeling windows handles it already. Still worth looking into.