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Replied to DarkEclipse747 in update?

Yup! On the tail of end of development now for the completed version.

You can check my blog and twitter if you want to see progress:



Thanks for sticking with me!

The game is really far along at this point and I won't be adding any big features, but there are different costumes for customization. Glad you like it, full version should be coming soon!

Sorry I don't have anything like that, rest assured I'm working on the game as much as I can.

Posted in Coding


The game is built in Unity so the language is C#

You can build a game with any engine or language you’d like, so there isn’t anything special with what I chose to use. If you want to make a dungeon crawler the only specific things you’d need to make are:

-First person grid movement
-Minimap (optional)

Actually even the grid movement is optional, that’s just something DRPGs typically use. Everything else is standard RPG stuff, how you handle battles, equipment/items, menus, etc is up to you.

The game is nearing completion so there isn’t much to help with, thanks though. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the info, if I find a solution to this I'll let you know.

Yes, I'm making good progress.

Sorry about that, one last thing I can think of is checking your DirectX version and updating that, but I get the feeling windows handles it already. Still worth looking into.

Can you switch between which GPU you are using? Does it happen with both of them? Either are more than enough for this. I think you’re the first to run into this issue, I can try looking into it further but for now you can try the standard stuff like updating your video drivers or running the game in a compatibility mode.

If you’ve played any other Unity games are you able to run those fine?

Posted in issue launching

Hey, are you on Windows 10? What system specs?

You can try this version, it's the same as V4 but just less dependencies (D3D9), it might work. Let me know if it does:


Replied to hefcio11 in update?

Hey, I'm trying really hard to get it done. The beta version will be set very soon and I will start testing. If all goes well release should be early this year.

Replied to ambliz in Can't save

I wish I could help but I'm still unsure of what you mean, are you opening the menu and saving before you close the game? Does the save file exist beforehand but somehow get deleted when you close the game?

Replied to ambliz in Can't save

Ran into this and fixed it earlier when others encountered it, thanks. In v4 it happens if you press ESC right on the same frame when you stop moving and entering a battle.

Replied to ambliz in Can't save

I’m not sure what you mean, what’s not there anymore? The save file? Or is it just not loading your game?

Are you on windows or mac?

Hey, thanks! Yeah that's a bug in V4, it's possible to walk through walls although it's hard to do. I've fixed it in my development version. Unfortunately I think you may have to start at your previous save for now , sorry about that!

Replied to The Rewriter in update?


Posted in update?

Hey, I’m sorry it’s taking so long. I’m working towards a completed version of the game instead of small updates, progress wise I’ll be able to start testing soon but there’s a lot of little stuff I need to work on that a finished product needs to feel complete.

I can’t say when it will be completed as this is not something I can dedicate 100% of my time to, I just do my best to work on it as much as I can. Keep in mind games usually take years to make and I’ve only been working on this for a little over 1 despite being almost done.. so please be patient with me.

Posted in just sugestions

Hi, sorry but I have no plans for additional characters.

I think I remember you from the ULMF thread so you may have played the latest version, guess it's just been a while. Sorry it's taking so long, and thank you.

lol just lots of tea please.

Hey, the game has seen two updates since last winter and version 4 was released in May. It’s hard to say when it will be done, content wise I pretty much have about 80% of what I need, but the game hasn’t even seen a polish pass yet or anything like that. It will also need a beta test of sorts once it’s playable from start to finish. I’m working towards the beta version and I’m close, so I’ll have a better idea then.

Working on it, please be patient.

Thank you, it's something I'll take into consideration.

Replied to Nondo in General Feedback

Hey! Thank you very much for the support and feedback.

Yes I’m still working on the difficulty, just as many find it easy there are also those that found the game too difficult, so I need to find a balance.

-I agree that defensive stance is way too strong right now, if the player levels up enough and chooses to stay in it they will be able to breeze through the game. I’m considering a reduction in the healing it gives you, same for the healing from regen. I also want to try testing regen only activating when in defensive stance, but that’s for later balance testing.

-Funny enough I considered making items even more abundant, but the adventure outfit seems to do that as is. The drop rates are high because of the little amount of items you are able to carry, that way the player is often faced with decisions on what to use or save. Perhaps some items are too strong so this is something I’ll consider changing.

-There will be more status effects!

-Some monsters will appear in groups, but they will still be considered one enemy. To have multiple targets and play with gangbang scenes would be a massive amount of work that is way out of scope.

-Instead of limiting the players options depending on the stance they’re in, I’ll look into reducing/enhancing the effectiveness of certain moves depending on stances, for example making it so uppercut only increases strength if in offensive stance and so on.

-I’m still working on the bosses, there will likely be more to them in later versions.

-The increase to max HP after every battle will probably be adjusted, I’m going to try tapering it off as you get much stronger than an enemy to prevent such easy grinding.

How explicit things will get? Can’t say for sure, I decide to keep more “hardcore” stuff towards the end but I kind of like the level of lewdness.

Thanks again!

Thanks, that means a lot. Few reasons for not being on patreon:

-The game is already pretty far into development and it probably wouldn’t be used for very long if I made one, people may also see it as sleazy to suddenly make one since everything up until now hasn’t been paywalled.

-I’m one person and can’t guarantee consistency in terms of releases, I’d have to use per update which isn’t much different than here. It’s just that people have the option to opt out on itch. You’re right that patreon would be better for feedback, since anyone contributing probably cares to do so, but again I’d expect a pretty huge backlash if I only released any further updates to people paying.

-I don’t have anything to offer in terms of rewards other than updates, which again I’ve been giving out as a pay what you want.

I’m not opposed to it but with how this game started as a small project that I didn’t expect to get this big, and with how I’ve handled development up to this point, I’ve backed myself into a corner considering patreon.


You don’t need to step on every tile to map 100%, you can press X to use wait which will map the tiles next to you. I do have plans to expand on being nude through upgrades in the future.

Replied to Yui in General Feedback

Wow, thank you so much.

The game really does need for you to use all the tools you have available, especially early on. I can see why not using defensive stance would cause trouble, but yes it is a little strong now and may get nerfed somewhat, at least it’s damage reduction.

Heal use to only be a 1 time use after every battle, right now there’s no real penalty for walking into traps but that will change so they will be more threatening.

It’s sounds like you were using the stances as they were intended. Lewd stance can be helpful against enemies that won’t give you LP and more of them will be put in the game, you’re not meant to stay in it, just get your LP and get out kind of thing.

Your thoughts on the skills are helpful, and yes the sticky debuff will only have an effect on physical based skills, so yell will still be useful. I agree that heat is way too strong at the moment, the LP cost will likely be increased so it will act as an emergency move more than anything.

She’s going to get 2 more outfits in the final game that appear later on, you’ll also be able to upgrade them.

I’m really glad you like it so much.

Posted in Gallery?

I don't have the art posted anywhere. The full game will have an unlockable gallery though.

Replied to skcid in General Feedback

Hey, thank you very much.

-Being able to counter while naked is intentional just like in offensive and normal stance.

-Do you mean continue the game even after you lose? It’s something I can consider if I keep an easy mode in the game.

-I’ll look into this, but there will be eventually be a gallery that will let you view them when you want.

-She has 5 costumes so sadly there won’t be multiple levels of clothing damage, it would be too many sprites to edit.

Thanks for taking the time to post.

Hey again,

-I’m currently playing around with difficulty settings, though I’d prefer one set experience. They may or may not make it into the game.

-XP system won’t change, but I will be changing the +1HP from every enemy, once you’re much stronger than a monster it will no longer give you HP, so it should be more balanced.

-Managing LP is a main part of the game, it’s not something you should be forgetting about. I think a third resource will be confusing to most.

-There’s a save point on almost every floor, for a dungeon crawler this one is actually very forgiving when it comes to saving. In my current version there’s an easy mode that allows for saving anywhere, but like I said I’m not sure if difficulty modes will stay in the game

-I’ll try to add some flavour text for story and such, but since this is a one person project some stuff is going to have to sacrificed, I’m not a very good story teller either.

-There will be 5 costumes in total.

Thanks for the feedback!


The difficulty is a work in progress, many people find it either too easy or too hard so I’m trying stuff out in order to address it. Do you mind if I ask what your total playtime was (just a guess is fine, I know there’s no in game timer)?

Good idea on the topic name.

Posted in Can't save

Hey there, that's intentional, in this version you can only save at healing locations.


Thanks a ton for taking the time to do this, I'll look into fixing it!

Pretty much the entire game would be censored if that was the case lol! I don't know how I'd do that considering the theme of the game.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

As for the bug, yeah, some kind of screenshot of the location would be a big help if it's not too much trouble. Same goes for if you can replicate the issue. I'll try to get it to happen on my own as well.

The art looks awesome and I really want to try this but it crashes the moment I open it.

I'll try again when I get access to another PC.

Really enjoy the art, especially the lewd animations in battle.
Loved the clothing damage.

  • The game did hang while I was getting raped in a battle so I had to restart, here is a picture: https://aww.moe/moowx2.png
  • I don't know if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong, but I was doing 0 damage and couldn't win, here is a picture: https://aww.moe/bypz4h.png
  • When I tried the game on an OSX machine it would crash the moment it opened. Worked fine on Windows.

I'd love to see more of this, some music and lewd sounds would really add to it.

Thanks for the feedback!

  • There are the 4 mobs and a boss.
  • Torches are a great idea, they would definitely add atmosphere.
  • The hole is used to escape the trap if you don't want to get grabbed by it again or lack the item to protect yourself.
  • The last door being locked is also a good idea, that way people can be sure it's the correct path.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

I don't really understand what you're trying to do, are you opening the game within the compressed archive? Extract it to a folder and make sure the data folder is in the same place as the executable.