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multiple ways, you can check youtube for people who created videos on how to install the game or how to install any sidequest game. or request a refund from

Is it the download or the game itself? If you’re unable to download the game, join our discord, and we’ll help you out

it’s not an issue with the game itself, oculus quest doesn’t allow easy installation of a non official game (on the official store), it requires sidequest to install those games on it. Check out youtube for videos on how to install sidequest game or join our discord for support.

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The file requires installation like any sidequest game, for refunds follow this link:

Checkout this video or join our discord for installation guide

please join our discord and we’ll help you out

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check any of these videos: (it's the same steps required to install any non official oculus game)

or join our discord channel for help

Hi, If you're unable to follow the instructions to install the game please request a refund here

please join our discord and provide proof of purchase, and we’ll send you a new link

if you're not seeing the download button for some reason, please provide a proof of purchase on our discord channel and we'll send you a download link

Hello, Please join our discord channel and provide any proof of purchase and we can send you a free download link

the hint to the safe box code is in the 2d game

You take off the headset you put on to get into that room :)

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steam is under development for the next huge update that will make the game much better in everyway :) and when that is done, it will be uploaded to itch as well as the official steam store. Feel free to join our discord channel to get headsup on updates

please request a refund from itch

yes that will be added in the next upcoming update

Hello, clients coming in the barbershop will have the same hair style (full hair) to allow for all hairstyle requests to be applicable on any of them, in a later update (not the next upcoming update) you'll be able to use money for a variety of stuff e.g. upgrades.

Hello! please follow this video:

hello, please join our discord channel, there are videos to show you how to install the game step by step. Thanks!

hello, please join our discord channel, there are videos to show you how to install the game step by step. Thanks!

you can request refunds from

hello, can you confirm which version did you download?   Would restarting the game fix the issue? That input issue was never reported before. Also did you try sideloading other games and they work?

to teleport, you need to point the teleportation beam to the floor and release the button

Thank you! :))

I'm working on fixes and changing the hair used in the game to a more realistic one, and then I will release it on Steam :)

Thank you :)

Thanks! Glad you had fun playing it :)

Thanks!! Glad you liked the game, thanks for the feedback, I think the hands have an issue on certain platforms, I have to look into it more.

Thanks a lot! I have to admit, I made the puzzle a bit hard for a gamejam :) I hope you figured out the solution from Justin's playthrough.

Glad you liked it! haha sorry about that! I think it's because the hand models are not aligned correctly on certain controllers, were you using PC or Standalone Quest?

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you had fun playing it! :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback! very helpful suggestions! 

Thanks! :)

Yea, I just think making use of the whiteboard can be a great mechanic to add to your game, like you write the 4 there, and it reveals the number you need to use in the before last room.

Great game, and somehow it didn't make me feel nauseous like most other floating type games. 

I agree with other comments regarding the UI clipping (but that's an easy fix)

Overall, awesome work!

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Nice game! well done, I love that it's complete.

One suggestion which might be hard to do: if you can make the white board writeable and have some number recognition that detects when the user draws the answer "4" on it to activate the door, that might be interesting :) an easier thing is to have like 9 dots grid and user has to connect them using the pen to draw 4 (that might be more doable)

Also in the last hallway there was a 2d drawn door, I wish if it was interactable, it would be a cool mechanic

Amazing escape room! it felt like a proper escape room that I'd buy off the official store :) I had only 2 issues, the movement was a bit fast for me, so adding settings menu to tweak movement (maybe an ability to toggle between continuous movement and teleportation would be awesome!) 

I recommend that you polish it a bit and publish it for sure! :)

I liked the TV mechanic :) it was nice to tune the texture scrolling to get the 5pm hint. Definitely will be worth turning it into a full complete game! good job!

I love how polished your game is! in terms of visuals and sound. I enjoyed playing it and was honestly so scared at some point when it asked if someone is standing behind me :D 


- Maybe based on the answers you give, you can get different endings (which will make the game replayable)

- Based on answers, Spawn Puzzles/objects in the room that the user has to solve, and maybe use the solution to answer the following questions, etc..