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Fumaira Mizumori

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this is beautiful and well written, not to mention the voice actors are great so it could pass a good audio book too hehe!

i hope you guys consider to make another game in the future ❤️

aaaa cant wait to play the newer version~ thank you for the update dev and stay healthy wherever you are~

i think they were asking about how you make the framework for changing expression in character's sub menu inside the extra ^^

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this is so goood!!! lol another nora/sensei shipper hereee

thank you for the translatee, this game made my day XD

please please please make it a 10 hour-long game.

maybe i am one of those people that still wandering aimlessly for another good rpg horor and im glad i found this (thanks to manlybadasshero). i really hope you guys could make a long game in the future but i hope this didnt stress you out.

much love for everything especially kat and your art.

 i love this game! the stiry is well-written albeit still too short.  the characters are good, i love kat myself hehe such a badass. i hope you guys will make this a one long game :")

Hiya! Just finished the demo last night AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!1!1111!!!!1!!!

I'm being spoiled by your art and absolutely loving Mayuko's character. All the male characters are interesting, so far Junoru and Kurato are my favorites!

Can't wait for the full version! Thank you so much for making this game ~

hello~ i'm interested on playing this game. however, on the zip folder it didn't seem any apk file... so how i can play this on android? thank you very much ^ ^

AAAAHHHH SO EXCITED! and im kinda glad i should play daire the last cause i usually play the favorite last~

YAY ANOTHER SEQUEL THIS YEAR! would it be longer? and would my ship get some moments again? sshush

thankyou devs!

ah yess~~~ the problem fixed. thank you (。>﹏<。)(。>﹏<。)

I'd encountered the same problem too :" i really want to play this game XD

I just played this and THIS IS GOOD!! I hope there are more of this series *and plz forgive me for pairing Lance and Nina :3