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Fumaira Mizumori

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Hiya! Just finished the demo last night AND IT WAS AMAZING!!!!1!1111!!!!1!!!

I'm being spoiled by your art and absolutely loving Mayuko's character. All the male characters are interesting, so far Junoru and Kurato are my favorites!

Can't wait for the full version! Thank you so much for making this game ~

hello~ i'm interested on playing this game. however, on the zip folder it didn't seem any apk file... so how i can play this on android? thank you very much ^ ^

AAAAHHHH SO EXCITED! and im kinda glad i should play daire the last cause i usually play the favorite last~

YAY ANOTHER SEQUEL THIS YEAR! would it be longer? and would my ship get some moments again? sshush

thankyou devs!

ah yess~~~ the problem fixed. thank you (。>﹏<。)(。>﹏<。)

I'd encountered the same problem too :" i really want to play this game XD

I just played this and THIS IS GOOD!! I hope there are more of this series *and plz forgive me for pairing Lance and Nina :3