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Thank you, thought I was missing something

One of the best games I've ever played.

I got to the first torch, any advice from there? And can you talk about what was your inspiration for this game, I really like the idea of having to analyze every nook and crannies, to get that tiny little edge to progress. The premise of game makes this one of the most memorable games I've played recently.

Thank you so much, I was stuck and getting irritated

interesting control

Great work

Thank you ParkerAllen! I spent a lot of time working on the movement and weapon swap system, but struggled on designing a type of gameplay that works with it, so I went with the easy way out of a top down shooter, but then I ran out of time so I made a balloon popping game. 

Hey Thanks Sepi, it means a lot coming from you. I tend to get carried away on designing little details but struggle on how to build a mechanic into bigger gameplay and making full levels. I'm kinda lost on what to do with this, I think I'll step away from  it and make a few idle games or something so I can understand how to design loops and larger systems. Thanks for taking the time to respond and sharing your advice.

Thank you SinigangShake! :)

Thank you Ashkman! Good feedback on the instructions!

UI and character art are really nice

The intro animation is supremely nice

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Great character art and menu effect

Stunning artwork and very well executed

Best premise, also the scrolling ground is very original

The flashing death animation is amazing

Neon Matrix community · Created a new topic Nice work

The camera angle and falling speed made this runner pretty special

The  ET's animations were really nice, very cool atmosphere

Love the cute dance moves, great job on the art and original gameplay

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Loved it, the curved level design made this pretty special. 

The range of UI animations are impressive

Why hasn't anyone thought of making a 3rd person maze game? This was really fun. On Level 2 I get to use the camera glitch to see the exit through the wall. Level 3's exit was very cleverly designed!

The car handling and level layout are very well done, feels very convincing

I love the neon logo and rotating overlay

I definitely didn't saw a trivia game coming, this was pretty special. There is something surreal with the setting of being forced to answer questions before very large doors

I'm glad I liked  it too

You absolutely nailed the lighting and the discoball! That's the most legic discoball 

This game is deceptively simple but very unique and interesting to play

This is so good, I love parkour platformers. The scene transition is really cool 

My first time seeing a game making use of this funky background. Very consistent and strong sense of style!

I like how when I restart, the sky also turns dark. Having a day night cycle just adds so much to a game's immersion imo. The mechanic is very original and well implemented. The game feels very complete.

Now I know what a boss fight would look like in Space Invaders! A very cute and difficult game!

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There is so much love put into the menu animation - the panning into help menu., the brick wall transition, and actually having a audio slider - they gave such a strong first impression. Also, what an original take on the theme. Love the wall breaking mechanic

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Spectacular atmosphere. The windows BG image, the ground texture, black fog in the distance, the light torch above the ball, short music loop  are all very very clever. Loved this!

Great job on the sprite animation, very well done.

Love the level generator, I like how there is collider on the green parts but not on the white parts. Also love how the car moves and the engine sound.

Can I get a new one? Thanks!

Off the charts beautiful