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Thanks man! Really appreciate your support! :)

Thanks for stopping by to read this post, my policy is of clear transparency so I want to make sure you are aware of the current status of developement of the 3DJS runtime extension.

- Currently this extension is usable and ready for early access release, and during this period it's price is going to be permanently discounted by 50%, after that period the discount won't be available anymore.
- Documentation is being made, it's just not ready yet so please be patient, this early access release is intended for debugging purpose and feedback
- Lots of features are still missing, great stuff is coming to make everything even more easier, however it takes time so please wait a little more for the really cool stuff
- Optimizations are in progress too, current build is mostly the barebones of what it is going to be, but again those take time too so please be patient, performance wise in its unoptimized state it can currently work fine with about 500 models in the same layout without any issue

Fixed + Fixed another bug related to group selection


Hey Straskal, thanks for reporting the issue!
I'm gonna fix it asap one of the next few days!

That's precisely my end-goal, it's just a matter of time no worries! x)

Hey, thanks for your feedback!
I'll be fixing right away what i can!

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This board is mainly intended for reporting issues with related to the theme itself only, before posting anything make sure to read everything carefully. 

What kind of issue may you encounter that needs to be reported?

 - Any text colored in bright red
- Any text colored in dark blue
- Any bold text
- Any border with a with superior to 1px
- Any non-styled element, you easily distinguish those by looking for a match with a version of construct 3 not using any theme
- Any issue of spacing, both margin & padding related

How should i report an issue with the theme?

Simply provide some screenshots showing the issue, a detailed description and if possible the name of the non-styled element or a screenshot of the developer tools after selecting the element

Already known issues:

- occasional theme slow down on mobile

Yes, it's is all rendered on a layer, so you can have UI on top on another normal 2d layer! x)