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Would be nice to have an "undo" button; it's very easy to misclick in a way that gets the game into an unsolvable state.

Is there a way to download or buy the soundtrack of this game?

Here's the game we made, incidentally:

Thank you! I love the new tracks! I did notice, though, that the "tinker" music is still missing—was that intentional?

I was wondering: are there plans to release the new tracks that were added in the level editor update?

Is Dee's Tonic just flavor text? I tried making it to see if there was a second ending, and it didn't work.

This was with the latest version of Firefox on Windows 8. It might have been caused by one of the four ad blockers I have, though. I switched to Chrome and it ran fine.

Other people have mentioned the exits not being visible, and combining that with the fact that touching an enemy sends you all the way back to the beginning of the game makes for a frustrating experience.

I clipped through the floor a few times, and on the level where you first have to start sticking enemies together, one of the enemies kept glitching into the fan instead of going where I needed it to.

That said, I love the music! Do you have a Bandcamp or anything where I can buy it?

At some point the game froze; I could go to the menu just fine, but trying to click the play game button resulted in a frozen, glitchy version of the menu. That said, the actual game was very good.

It would be useful to have some way of advancing the dialogue faster; it went so slowly that I thought the game might be frozen.

I love everything about this game! The intro cinematic is nicely done (not something that can be said for many jam games). My only suggestion would be to not play the entire animation of the bytes entering the room every time the player manually restarts the level—it's a bit long sometimes and some of the later levels can require a lot of restarting.

I really wish this game worked, because the art is adorable!

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Even though this isn't a "game" as such yet, the atmosphere is so overwhelmingly charming that I just have to give this 5/5 for presentation. I hope this gets finished someday!

EDIT: My one suggestion is that the font you used isn't always the most legible on low resolutions.

Solid concept, but the game kept freezing on me. Also, the enemies move so slowly that a lot of the time it's possible to move past them instead of fighting.

I love the aesthetics! I'd be interested in seeing a fleshed-out version of this with more actual gameplay.

I love everything about this game! However, I also found that it was easy to circumvent some of the puzzles: the wall blocks with the red X on them seemed to stop me on all sides except from below, and it let me put hats on the jellies even if I didn't have any foil collected.

The game doesn't seem to work in Firefox; the background is black and the tombstones vibrate wildly around the screen.

I like the game, but I question whether doing this in 3D with a moving camera was the best presentation; a simple top-view with different colors to distinguish altitudes would probably be more user-friendly.

The font that you're using didn't load for me on Firefox. Once I switched to Chrome, though, the game was pretty good.

Overall, a good game. I had a few questions, though:

 - Is there a difference between the function of the G, H, V, and B keys, and if so what is it?

 - It is intentional that the player character moves faster on some levels than on others?

(Also, I notice that the music restarts from the beginning when you go to the next level or the menu. You may want to change that.)

It was not at all intuitive to figure out how to attack as the knight, especially since there is barely any visual indication that the attack is happening. Was it intentional that the bats can damage the knight while controlling the sorcerer, but the slimes can't damage the sorcerer while controlling the knight? Solid premise, but flawed execution.

This is a very fun new take on the tower defense format! The music and graphics were both very polished. However, the user interface was not always clear or easy to use.

Just got a chance to play yours... I would have rated yours five stars also if it had been on my queue! (As it is, I only had time to rate a couple things.)

Came to the comments to see if anyone had posted a translation of the end cutscene, because I didn't feel like decoding it by hand... doesn't seem to be. Maybe I'll have to go write one.

A little frustrating in the early game, since it's all RNG whether the guy falls off the starting platform immediately, but once you get past that it's lots of fun! One of the best games I've reviewed for the jam so far.

I absolutely love the art style! However, I couldn't get past the first level, because for whatever reason it doesn't recognize my shift key. I really wish that I could play this.

This was fun! However, the really long load times killed it for me. (Also, I'm not sure how a balloon inflating counts as a "glitch".)

Yeah, that level is kind of confusing. The basic idea is that you have two cycles of recipes (bottle -> shards -> glass -> bottle and paper <-> airplane) and you need to get the two cycles to sync up so that you have the bottle and the paper at the same time.