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This Demo left me wanting more!! I can't wait for the full game to come out. Excellent dialogue, fantastic art, the menu is easy to navigate, and the level of sass you the MC has at the beginning is just perfection (only my onion that she's sassy) I urge other people to play the demo and would give it a 10/10

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Lamb has fixed the bug because she is super awesome! No more crashing computers. Also no more vibrating crates. Now to do every playthrough I can think of for this demo. I can't wait for the full game to come out!!

*The game crashing snake no longer crashes the game. fought the sucker and finally killed him woot woot!!*

So I decided to test this bug 3 times to see if it did the same thing. At the very beginning of the game when Bright and Ari are in the woods, they encounter a snake at the right of the map which you can fight. The first time I fought the snake it crashed my computer (Blue screen of death and all) when the snake was almost defeated. Thinking it was just a small glitch I did it again and yet again crashed my computer fighting the snake. And being the over achiever that I like to be, crashed my computer a 3rd time fighting said snake. So just wanted to let you know that fighting the snake in the forest crashes my game.

Minor bug is a crate near the beach area, near the Bottom of Ravage docks went a little glitchy and started shaking. There is also some lag when it comes to the combat system but that's not a problem for me.

But 100% love the game so far!

I've had the same problem. Error for both map022 and map07