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Wow - awesome game for such a short time! Congratulations! I love the fact that size affects your speed. You know what would be a fun feature? If you add a timer for each level and you need to work out where you can shrink so you can get through the level the fastest. That could be fun for people to figure out the fastest shrink passages they can get away with :D If that makes sense?


Old guy from the UK here :) Love the trijam but too lazy this time to do all by myself. Would love to team up and do the art work. Check my profile if you want to see the usual styles I go for...

Best regards and happy jamming

thanks! Weird, I will look into it

Hi there! I realized that movement in Edge is more laggy than in chrome for some reason. Some poeple also feel like the grid based playermovement is lagging...some things to work on for sure :) thanks for playing

Hi all,

Thanks for organizing this awesome Jam! I assume the rule around Copyright material does allow use of purchased assets or free assets that are explicitly allowed to use without any limitations (e.g. creative commons or transfer of Copyright)?

Thanks for confirming.

Great to hear, I am drawing a blank right now. Had an idea about the enemy being burning books but can't think of a fun mechanic :(

Hey! The idea of voice over was an interesting way to stand out, I like it :) visuals were nice and looked hand-crafted! Game could have been a bit more fast paced but that is quite subjective... nice Work :)

Hey there! A classic Interpretation :) who doesn't like a bit of shooting? Cute artwork and feels like a good submission :)

Awesome! Loved the artwok and the look and feel :)

Congrats, well deserved :)

that is very kind of you! 

Hi there! 

Nice submission! I played it a fair bit and I like the darkness and artwork to it; it has a simple but powerful mechanic and the artwork for me stands out :) The only suggestion I would have is make the exist illuminated that you at least know where it is, while keeping the maze dark, that might make it less of a "guessing". Overall I enjoyed it and good teamwork there! Hope you guys will be doing more jams in the future!

HI there,

really cool idea and arwork. It is nice to see a defined mechanic being implemented that well; it is so easy to understand what to do and despite its simplicity, challenging. The artwork is really damn cool with the choice of colors especially. I'll certainly watch out for more games from you

Hey there!

Really interesting and creative interpretation of the theme! I loved the music and the artwork; The difficulty was just about right and I liked the way that the movement of the player made it a bit harder to keep in the crowd. Nice stuff :)

Hi there! I really like the artwok - it is cute and functional at the same time; A shame that you didn't had any sounds, it always boosts the game quite a bit! But Overall I think it is a fun game, fits the theme and has a good level of creativity (never seen a running and jumping trashcan before) :D

Hi there! I liked this game! Simple and fits the theme; cute artwork and the turtle/rock camouflage is quite funny. If you wanted to continue working on the game, maybe you can find a way to increase difficulty? The only issue I had was to slowness of the turtle - I know they are slow, but that was a tiny bit too slow. Good stuff :)

Hey there, you don't need anything to play the game, as long as you use windows and not Mac. Just download, unzip and execute the exe file.

I hate doing web builds cause they always mess something up for me...never made it to work properly.

Hope that helps

Awesome idea and artwork - I had to laugh really hard at the screenshot already but seeing the guy appear in game was even more fun :D

FontJam community · Created a new topic Nice idea!

Great idea to have a jam for that! It has always been a mystery to me how to create your own font so now I can experiment!

Thanks jam Host!

Love everything about it! Brought back memories of living in Sweden about 9 years ago...Systembolaget sparked my memory - I love this game and Sweden <3

intereting. It was not designed for Linux though

Its weird - I love it! Really interesting artwork; the longer you look at the character the creepier it gets. I might have done something wrong, I could not chase the guy in the third scene after he jumped up. Is there a trick to get there? I'd love to finish this story?

Hey, thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree, some flashbacks/additional information might be nice. I haven't figured out yet how I could include that coding wise...was happy already that I got the text system embedded haha. I will look at the reference you've Made to Disco Elysium as I haven't heared about it...will also check your submission later today!

Does anyone use Ink from inklestudios? First time trying it and I can't get some very basic stuff going...

(1 edit)

Nice game submission! Was really nice choice of colors; good balance between fun and challenging! Good stuff :) Would be great to more quickly skip the intro text when you try again.

Hi there!

I am going for a classic idea: chasing bad guys in a city with a police car - but there is a Twist :)

I think I would need a simple low poly city scene with few houses, some characters, a police car and thats it!

This jam is just fun for me, I have no real drive to deliver Superb work, rather enjoy the weekend coding a bit and working with someome. I am in the UK in case the question about time zone comes up.

Please reply if you want to team Up!

Sadly, we included a bug so you can't finish the game...

burgers and fries

THAT is a really nice game art, color pallette and presentation. I like that is really going well art-wise despite not being in frog-colors, so extra points for me :)

Fun, cute, enjoyable :) Love the frog character.

Really love the artwork 10/10 for me :D The idea and gameplay is great, but a bit overly difficult to steer the jumps

Hey there!

I really like this submission! It is a simple but enjoyable mechanic that fits the theme well! The art is super cute and the sounds go hand in hand with it! I my head I was thinking about ninja turtles when I heared the music no idea why, but I think that is a good sign :D

Hey there! Fun submission! Simple mechanic, easy to learn, catchy tune - I like it. Didn't mind the shift + arrow control to be honest!

heya! Nice to have you!

It's so weird - I love it :D

Hey there! Will you be making a game for the jam, or outside of the jam? Happy to chat in discord and learn about your game, ideas, concept, theme you might be going for? If you have discord, feel free to drop me a message: lopper#9378

Nom :)

Hi there!

I love game jams, did about 10-12! sometimes solo sometimes teaming up. Last week I decided I want to improve my music creation skills and got started with guitar recording and getting used to music maker.

I am really not good and not suitable for any ambitious dev Team. But if you just want to have a bit of fun with this jam and need maybe 1-2 simple pieces of music, please reply! I would love to spend around 3-4hours on music creation (can't really spend much more due to Family and kid etc. :) and spark up your game! Or embarass you, that is also an option. In that case just delete the music again haha.

I am in the UK, in case time zones were an issue. 

Some first examples I can share can be found here:

Good luck!

Hey there! Cool style I enjoyed it; but it is quite hard on the eyes as there are a lot of white bullets which have the same "color" as the player. I feel like it is hard to identify the player. Maybe because the bullets are so huge?

Also, it is hard to dodge the bullets and keep track of when you can shoot. Maybe you could add a 1 second warning/flash so players know that they need to move up at that precise moment?

Just some thoughts that came to my mind!

thx for Sharing! Might use the tutorial for my next 2d idea :) think I will go with a simpler idea for this jam...