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Hell yeah!!! Recently started a playthrough of the trilogy again and I've been itching for a TTRPG to capture the feel of the game. Thank you for your work!

Replaying the Llegendary editions right now and I'm so, SO glad this exists. Lumen is the perfect system for the setting.

Really interested in this game! For some reason I'm not seeing a way to download the ashcan rules. Any chance you could help a guy out?

I'll be running a short campaign of this with some buddies over the holidays. Super excited to try it out. I'll report back with notes!

Excited to give this a go!

Gonna be running a campaign of this starting this week! Super excited! Is it possible to use both The Ship and The Rebellion team playbooks? My players had interest in using both. Thanks!

Seriously dope concept for a game, can't wait to play

Hello! I bought the weapon option last night as soon as I saw this notification for $9.90. I've already bought the game for $15. Can I still input a weapon idea? Thanks again! Love this game! 

Spite is an important part of the creative process. Thank you for your work!

Been waiting a long time for a game like this! Super excited to show this to my friends!

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I have only just now stumbled on this game after YEARS of looking for a Custom Robo game. Bless you, friend.

EAGERLY anticipating the official release!!

Picked up without hesitation because of the title, leaving this review because the game itself is a ton of fun. A bit tongue in cheek, but not without space to maneuver and tell heartfelt stories. If you like Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog, Secret Six by Gail Simone, or just want to be a fun bunch of assholes, this game is for you. Layout is a ton of fun too. 
5 stars

Absolutely! Just as a suggestion, maybe even change the wording a little? Something to the effect of “you don't give the enemy a chance to counter” or “deal less damage, but avoid an enemy trap”. Heck maybe even “deal no damage but gain Momentum”. 

Hey there, love the game, asking for a quick rules verification. So with the basic move “Flurry of Blows”, the text reads “On a 7-9, choose one of the below, in addition to dealing your damage”. One of the options is “Your attacks fail to connect; do not deal your damage.” Is this intentional? Can I optionally choose to just... Not deal damage on a successful hit? There doesn't seem to be any other mechanical perk to it. It kinda seems like a waste of an option unless I'm missing something?