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Ok, just to clarify, I enjoyed the game. But I have a few issues and suggestions: firstly, you could have made a death animation that doesn’t take a few frames, unlike your current blip into the world animation. secondly, I enjoyed it’s premise but… the ability to switch blocks were a little bit limiting to normal game play. last but not the least, it’s too long. Okay, here are the suggestions now: add screen shake or any visual effect for when you switch block states.


pats back

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Oof, it isn’t a collision issue. It’s a one sided spike, click on it to toggle it’s side. Thanks for playing!!!

Yeah rocky…. I should have tried the width on the browser’s full screen before doing any level designing, and should have let the game project have it’s own scrollbars. Shoulda also given a downloadable version.

I am also a follower in your epic game, Pushy Worms! If you need level or dialouge design help, you can contact me at the Vimlark discord! Or the 8 Bits to Infinity discord!!!

thanks Malek!!!

Malek, I am happy to have played your game and have seen how great the sound and graphical design are.

There are some few problems for me though, the player’s max speed is a little too fast.

There are also some blind jumps to transitions like the upper section where you learn how to walljump, I think that too many people would just not have the proper reaction time to the spikes…

Anyways, nice game all in all!




I love the graphics, the music tracks, cute little dialouge and the level/mechanic design!!! I hope you succeed in future endeavours!!!

I have sooooo many things to say about this impressive little platformer!

It has good audio, responsive controls, quaint mechanics, great graphics and challenging level design!

I hope to see your game development journey expand in the future!!!

Thanks for playing! I actually wasn’t trying this much on this jam as I’ve joined soooooo many jams this year!

Thank you for participating in this experimental jam! This is a really good game, I’m just sad that only you were able to pass a game… hope you prosper in the future!

Thanks mate!!!

Could you check it?

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

I agree. Also, if you super spam or use an auto clicker, all moves are useless as there is a possibility to super jump.

It doesn’t drop inputs, it just executes them twice as fast and sometimes forgets to check… Thanks for playing though!!!

Nice game, janky physics

Is it true? what happened to Laura?

The black hole is sometimes hard to see and the pull is very hard… but the assets are nice!

Very nice, very addictive and I love the effects. Especially the moos

I LOOOVE IT!!! The grappling hook is so coool!!! My only problem is that there’s no indicator to when you can’t switch dimensions…


lmao, Send me ur discord so I can send you the link of the game when it’s released

It has a lot of CPs and you’ll be testing one level per update!

Send me you’re discord so I can dm you the link as soon as I have it ready!

So you’re interested?

Oh, I think you might have not seen it so here’s the offer:

Would you be interested in playtesting a super meat boy/celeste inspired rage platformer. It is free, very maddening, in development and soon to be open for playtesting! Pls reply if you’re interested!

Have you checked my offer already?

Thanks! Btw, would you be interested in joining a secret playtest on where you can play a hardcore super meat boy/Celeste like game?

Hey bro, what if I told you I am making a hard af platformer and you would be allowed to playtest?

If it helps, you can toggle the perspectives by pressing Tab

I had problems with the engine I’m using not responding to the inputs imedietly and I had just put together 8 spike layouts… Thanks for playtesting!!!

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Maybe you run out of time?

Oh… maybe I didn’t think things through…

Thanks for the feedback!!! I will not do anything to my game however as I am busy…