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Miss Myu

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You need help? Have unanswered questions?

Ask away!

Created a new topic Share Your Progress

It is nice to have company when you're creating something!
So if you want to share your progress, feel free to do it here, or on Twitter (#CoffeeJam)

Oh my Candy! This is hilarious, sorry my prototype is so glitchy, hope you had some fun with it. Thank you for playing it and making a video !
I considered making it a racing game where you glitch a candy and try to go as far and fast as possible tbh. (cotton candy feels like a witch broom when you can hop on it and fly away))

Late answer here, so of course late feedback is totally okay!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, we're glad you liked our game. We'll look forward to your video :)

Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

Thank you so much for playing our little game! Yeah, we were partial to letting people testing what works or not regarding the materials, but that's a debatable choice, so thanks for the feedback  :D

Thanks a lot for playing our little prototype and making your video, we're superglad you appreciated it!

Oooh that is a great display! This is a definite Glitter jelly jellyfish with sparkling sugar/10, best mark! (if we don't see the mess, we can't judge you for it :P)

Sorry for the rough edges, I am glad you still enjoyed it ♥

Thank you so much for playing and your feedback :)
I am not sure when I will have time to continue this prototype, but I'm sure keeping it at the back of my mind to expand my knowledge of Unity. as there are many things I'd love to add (thank you for your suggestion too, that's a neat idea).
The game is a tad slow indeed, but it is hard to say how much your computer had an impact on that.

Ha! I got it, it was indeed an end-of-weekend bool mistake :D Many thanks for that, will be corrected in a future update!

Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll check the hand free thingy to see if it's a Scripting mistake on our end but just in case it's more of a clarity issue it is supposed to mean not putting gloves on :)

Omg it was the right click yeah! That was so simple... Thanks a lot, great work on this game! Hope you had fun makign it :

I have no idea what I was doing, but I ended up making random noises and laughing so I guess it was fun? :')

Great prototype!

But I couldn't get the cash register to open to save my hard earned cash :'( Not sure if it's a bug or just me, tho.
It also took me ages to notice there were 2 kinds of guitard handles and other subtilities like that (cue to me shoving the wrong giant speaker in a customer's face multiple times yelling "TAKE IT DAMMIT IT'S THE SPEAKER YOU ASKED FOR I SWEAR") but I still had a lot of fun which is all that matters!
Loved the fact that you can just wander around the shop randomly messing everything up, I spent an ingame day throwing things at customers while cackling, it made for a  great stress reliever ;)

Great game overall, would love it if you made things a tad more comprehensible but it's already super fun!

Thank you very much, we're gald you enjoyed the game! And thanks for the feedback, we'll make sure to check the snare settings :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind comment, I've been told becoming a Youtube start may take a while, yes :P
The Snare Investigation will start asap!

Thank you so much for the feedback and the nice comment, we're going to investigate this evil snare issue!

Thank you for your comment, we're glad you liked our game :)

So pretty, though I wish I had more feedback when playing notes rather than just them vanishing when I get it right.
I'd suggest adding a visual effect on the letters when you play a note, and then something when you get the note right.
Also I didn't quite feel like I was playing the music just yet (felt like synch issues but that also might be because I'm bad at rhythm games ;)), but that's me nitpicking, this something very hard to do in such a short time frame!

The music and graphics go well together, you did a good job, hope you had fun making it! :)

Super cool concept, but it took me so long to understand how to play, and then I kinda got an easier time on hard mode?
I really liked to music-rythm-trivia mix, Wish the resulting word salad was actually overlapping the words precisely when we played them over the lyrics for a funnier payoff (I saw that glitch twice while playing and I actually thought it could result in laughable sessions where you just try to cover the correct lyrics with your chosen words whenever you want)
Good job overall, hope you had fun making it :)