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Techniquement absolument, itchio ne vous en empêche pas, et vous pouvez aussi selon nous à l'orga. Si vous avez envie de corriger des bugs ou continuer votre développement vous pouvez tout à fait continuer d'updater et mettre une nouvelle build en ligne quand vous voulez plus tard!

Hello, vous êtes libres de créer comme vous l'entendez, faites juste attention à respecter les droits et licences au possible, surtout si vous mettez vos jeux sur itchio en "pay what you want", vous êtez responsables de vos créations ;) Mais vous avez totalement le droit d'utiliser des assets tout faits (genre des musiques libres de droit ou des assets aux licences ouvertes etc...)

Oops, thanks a lot for notifying me I would have never noticed otherwise <3

Thank you so much for your curating work, I've often gone through your tumblr to find little gems!
And of course, thank you for checking out this jam, everyone did an amazing job! I'm super happy you picked my little ghosts in your compilation ♥
Selfcare y'all!

All the best,

Hi! Yes it is still possible :) please submit it via this url :
Thank you ♥

Hey there!
You can update however you prefer, no need to keep old files, especially if they are buggy or have issues you fixed overtime. You might want to have a little note at the bottom of your game page noting updates though, so those who may have downloaded an older version know about it.
If you want to keep older versions available so people can see your progress, it's up to you :)

Hey all, if you missed the deadline but have a prototype to add to the jam, here is your opportunity to still submit!
Post here, or send me a message on Twitter, and we'll do what is required to add your entry as a late one!

If you have something you want to submit after a good night sleep and a bit of downtime, post a message here or send me a message on Twitter, we'll add your entry to the jam even if you are a bit late :)

Even your placeholders look nice :'D This looks very cool, great job!

Twine is so great :D Have fun finishing your project !

Good strategy, don't overwork yourself, take your time :D I'll be on the lookout for post-jam updates!

I feel you, I have had similar issues >.<
Don't hesitate to downsize your project a bit. But if you reaaally want to put more time into your jam entry, there is always the possibility of submitting a v0.1 and adding to it after the official dates. It usually helps with polish/debug to come back after a good rest.

Congrats on a game well made and a jam very well time-managed!
To answer your question, I want to make a video after the jam yes. Hopefully I have enough time in august to review all the entries properly. Look out for a french video with english subtitles, probably :P

Yay, mixing coffee \o/ It's always nice to allow yourself to change your concept in a jam, sometimes we need to step back and reassess!

I'm sure you'll manage to make something great!  (actually I'm quite sure you've already done better than "decent" but hey, we're our own harshest critics oftentimes :P)

Love the little coffee machine in the corner! This looks super nice :D

Wow, that looks AMAZING ♥_♥ love the style and it looks super fun :D Great job!

It'll be great! Your tree is so tidy too ♥

Is it a match-3 game?? That's so great! Hope you can catch-up without exhausting yourself :)

A Twine game yay \o/ I love Twine ♥ Hope the heat doesn't tire you out too much though :( 

Are you doing the BlenderGuru tutorial with the donut and the mug? I did that one last weekend, slow going but very good to really understand how the software works :D
I am sure you'll have much better than an untextured mesh by the end of the jam ^^

Alright, my turn, I'm having fun learning Blender and getting back into Unity :) Still a lot of things missing, not sure I'll be able to finish but I like what I have so far (with a lot of help from the internet and smarter folks than I)

Looks lovely, I can't wait to see your animation :D

Oh my, it sounds delicious :O Your comic is gorgeous btw, and it's lovely to see people's creative process ♥

I can't wait to play this! Have a great late-ish jam :)

There's no shame in single-page comics! A SINGLE PAGE COMIC IS AN AMAZING THING OKAY THANK YOU !!!
And you made it, that makes it an awesome comic, and you can make it the length that fits YOU, and your time :) Don't overwork yourself, enjoy your snack !

A gamedev is never late, they upload precisely when they mean to ;)
Don't fret about the date, upload a first version on time, and then update it as you want. This is a very promising start !

Oh my! These characters are so cute ♥ I especially love the little coffee bag asset!

This is strong coffee energy :P

You actually can do things, don't put yourself down! You already came up with an idea all on your own, you can handle it! 
Anything you don't know, you can learn.
If time is lacking, just reduce the scope of your project to only one or two elements to demo your idea.
Hop onto paint and a construct 2 tutorial or someting similar and see how far you can go :) Heck, just make pixel art of your reptile person or something, it is not easy but it is attainable!

YES, you can do absolutely anything, any kind of creation you wish, even noodle sculpture! And you're not bothering me, I'll try to be here for you all as much as possible during the week :)
I love Escape games, go wild \o/

Hi, using older assets is totally fine, heck you could even use only assets from older creations and rearrange them into something new, that could be fun too!

(1 edit)

It is okay to go the NSFW route, but I trust you all to know to keep it respectful and put the appropriate warnings everywhere if needed, so no-one gets ambushed by your coffee-flavoured fantaisies!

Edit: skipped my coffee and forgot my manners this morning, so : Hi, thank you for your message :)

7 days, so around 168 hours ?

Personally I have access to Windows, iOS and Android, but feel free to build for whatever is most accessible to you, or even mutiple builds if you can afford it so more people can enjoy your creations!

There are no rules. Use whatever resources you can access legally and/or technically :)

You need help? Have unanswered questions?

Ask away!

It is nice to have company when you're creating something!
So if you want to share your progress, feel free to do it here, or on Twitter (#CoffeeJam)

Oh my Candy! This is hilarious, sorry my prototype is so glitchy, hope you had some fun with it. Thank you for playing it and making a video !
I considered making it a racing game where you glitch a candy and try to go as far and fast as possible tbh. (cotton candy feels like a witch broom when you can hop on it and fly away))

Late answer here, so of course late feedback is totally okay!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, we're glad you liked our game. We'll look forward to your video :)