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Nice concept. I wish I didn't have to release jump in order to throw as it's tricky to do quickly. And the death shake and sound effect get annoying.

You have to slide the mug under the obstacle to the other side, then jump over it quickly. You jump further when not holding the mug. It's tricky. I got stuck about three levels later, where you need to do a really long jump and there's no place you can throw the mug to.

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Nice game. When I first saw the scissors in the 'only one room' level and couldn't move them, I thought the game had broken and I couldn't progress. I fiddled with it for a while before I realized it wasn't part of the objective. I imagine it was set in place as to not misdirect the player, but I think it would've been fine to allow it. While it would've made me think I had to do something with it, the level forces you to think outside the box (heh) anyways, so a little misdirection would be fine. Also, the flower is really hard to see if it falls on the floor.

Edit: One more thing, the scissors in the wire level. Since they only cut when you click on the wire itself, if the player clicks the mouse before he points to the wire, he may assume that clicking doesn't do anything, as happened to me.

Godot squad assemble! That was pretty neat. One of the most memorable games I've played so far. Excellent sprites and choice of music - really enhanced the experience. One thing I noticed is you have exported with the debugger - that log screen that Godot opens alongside the game. You can export it without that (so all that opens is the game itself) by unchecking a box in the bottom left of the save export screen in Godot.

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with everything. The wall grabbing was unintentional at first, then I decided to turn it into a feature to spice up the level design; it does need polish though. There were some bugs with the securing code that arose when I added NPC securing. By then it was too late to address properly and still have time for the level design, so I added some serious spaghetti at the end XD

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My game is a 2D Puzzle-Platformer about a little blue guy liberating his blue homeland, one flag at a time. You must secure all positions quickly before any of them falls back into enemy hands!

Also, I'd like to recommend a card game I really liked:

I've played four games so far and this one is my favourite:

Original, inspiring and charming card game about finding true love, one conversation at a time.

I really liked the concept! Inspiring! As SmoothTrooper said this is worth expanding upon. Feedback: If I understood what happened correctly, if you're loosing you can switch who you're playing as at the last minute by handing yourself a card, and win. I would recommend letting you choose and lock your player before the match starts to prevent this. I think it's important to address this because it can be done by accident, as happened to me.

That was neat! The work on the visuals and sound definitely paid off. Feedback: Show the controls in the title screen or at the start. I didn't realize I wasn't a stationary tower for a good 15 seconds and just got pounded lol

Feedback: I found the controls difficult to use and remember. Their location on the keyboard is unusual, though I can't think of better keys to assign the functions as they are. Personally I would bind 'Climb' to 'MoveLeft'/'MoveRight' + 'Jump'; 'Jump' to [W]/[UpArrow]/[Space]; and 'Dash' to double-tapping a direction.

My "One" is a flag, a blue flag.  You play as a little blue guy from a very blue land. It has been taken over by evil red guys, who have committed the horrible crime of wearing a different coloured shirt from you. What's worse is they have planted their repugnant red flags all across your beautiful blue land! This cannot stand. You will not rest until every red flag has been captured, and all the land secured under one flag, the one true flag, the blue flag!

Godot is amazing. For many, if not most small indie devs it may very well be THE best engine out there, especially for beginners.

Mine was made with 3.1.1 It's a 2D Puzzle-Platformer about a little blue guy liberating his blue homeland.
You need to secure all positions quickly before any of them is lost again!

About 5 minutes long.

Windows download:

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I see - the song could be in public domain (and I think this one is) and the recording itself could still be copyrighted. Unfortunately the library does an awful job at presenting legal information. This is the screen I'm looking at btw. No information about copyright of the recording and barely any of the song itself.

My understanding is that if YouTube only has a license for the recording to be used within their platform, but they're claiming that the song in the library - and by extension this particular recording - can be used outside of YouTube on any creative projects; then legally the blame would fall on them? I think? Regardless, I can remove the song if it turns out to be an issue.

Edit: At least one other site is offering what seems to be the same recording for free under public domain, so I think it's all good.

I downloaded the song from the YouTube Audio Library. From what I've  gathered I believe I don't need a license for this particular song, and I can use it outside of YouTube. Do you know if this could be a problem?