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I went back and actually beat the game this time lol don't let the 11 minutes fool you, it took me sooooo long to find all 12 hahaha

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Really interesting game! I didn't finish it because I couldn't find that last ones to save my life lol 

Played your game for my channel! It was very well made and I had a great time playing it! The jump scares definitely got me lol

Hey! I checked out your game and thought it was pretty cool! Here's my playthrough if you want to check it out!

Played your game recently on my channel! And the title has nothing to do with your game wasting my time lol I wasted my own because I spent FOREVER looking for that last plank haha. Great game!

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Played your game on my channel and I was absolutely terrified! lol after that jump scare where she stands behind you while you're reading the note it made me apprehensive to read anymore after that haha good job!! 

Checked out your game and it was short sweet and to the point! at first I thought maybe there was another game that came before this one because of how it started off but I guess you don't need one considering the title tells you that its just "Another Nightmare" lol Great game though!!

The idea behind having those mannequins sneak up behind you every time you turned your back was genius lol I just hate how short it was! Really cool game overall though! (There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

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The concept behind this game was really cool! I hate how short it was but I definitely still had fun with it! (There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

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Really loved the concept behind the game and how it built up to that last jumpscare lol you really got me! my only critique is honestly that I hate how short it was! Really was a great play!(There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

I checked out your game for a video! It had a really cool concept being under pressure to make the right choices, my only critique would have to be that I hated the fact that it wasn't longer! lol (There's a timestamp in the description if you wanna see my playthrough!)

Had a fun time playing your game! It was simple yet had a great atmosphere to it and I love a good atmosphere! Here’s my play-through 

I had some fun playing your game! I wish it was longer but other than that it was really cool and humorous! Here's my playthrough of it!

Anytime! you really had me with those little jump scares lol I hate I never turned around and saw poppy chasing me when I first went down into the tunnel. That would've definitely got me lol

Anytime! it was really cool to play and definitely had me on the edge of my seat waiting for something to scare me lol

Just uploaded my gameplay of this! It was honestly an interesting experience lol Really enjoyed editing as well as playing and I hope some of you enjoy watching it! I probably missed some things or something went completely over my head but it was still a cool game!

very interesting game! I enjoyed playing! Here's ,y playthrough if anyone is interested! please subscribe if you haven't it would really mean a lot!

That jumpscare nearly took my life away! lol subscribe if you haven't already, it would mean so much!

definitely gave a twist to Santa Clause lure I'll tell you that! lol Great game and also, here's my playthrough! Subscribe if you haven't already!

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honestly was not expecting her to send me those pictures! This game had a very creepy plot to it but overall was great! check out my playthrough and subscribe if you haven't please!

This game was very interesting and I definitely wasn't expecting that ending lol here's my playthrough! I hope some of you subscribe and join me on my journey!

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Really loved the game! even though I wanted to throw hands with Tall Poppy a couple of times it was a very enjoyable experience lol