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I thought it was a fairly good game considering I absolutely HATE mannequins lol I kind of wish it had a few more scares but the idea of not knowing if the mannequins would move around or jumpscare me was more than enough! Good job! 

You had no business making the jumpscares THAT SCARY lol I even almost quit the game halfway through, good job! 

Definitely had me scared throughout the entire game! The noises Meatly makes when he gets near you gave me shivers lol Great game!

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I was expecting the most OUTLANDISH jumpscare, but when it never came, and I ended up just having the time of my life it was definitely worth playing lol Hands down the strangest yet pleasant short game I've played! 

When I tell you those jumpscares GOT ME lol what a great game! That VHS style will always add an element of horror to any game, and it definitely amplified the horror in this one! Keep up the good work :)

Really Loved this game! Had some good bits of humor, subtle creepy parts, and that ending had me SHOOK lol great job!!

For a short horror game, I really enjoyed this! nothing too over the top yet still had some great bits! Keep up the good work! :)

really cool short horror game! those jumpscares really got me lol

I had a lot of fun playing this, especially with the light humor here and there lol good game! 

I had a lot of fun playing this! I was so on edge everytime I had to fill the cup lol good game! 

if there’s one thing I like about a game it’s when it uses spatial audio! Really had me on edge with that lol good game! 

Played both the first and second parts. I just gotta ask what made you come up with this concept lol good game! 

Man what even lol I legit have no words here, still a cool little game though hahaha I played the second part as well and honestly wasn't expecting that ending lol

Played a little extra and I just have to say, as frustrating as it was, I loved chasing that dang baby around 😂😂 such a clever and fun game! Keep up the good work! 

I don't think I've enjoyed myself in a game more than I did this one! I played the extra content as well, but it will be in a separate video. Kudos to you and anyone else who worked on this! phenomenal game!

Finally found the time to dive into this game and play it! I had so much fun during the playthrough and was quite surprised by the outcome! I'm sure I missed a lot of things, but I had to watch my back in case the running ones snuck up on me lol Thanks for reaching out for me to check your game out and I can't wait for what you have in store for future updates!

Even when the title isn’t like that my comments always get randomly disabled and I have no idea why. Thanks for the heads up about it though! Should be fixed now :) 

Yooo this game really started messing with my head lol good job! I even teared up at the end from how creepy it got! 

Thanks for reaching out for me to play! I really loved every bit of this game and will definitely put up a part 2 soon! 

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I really hope you get the support you need for this project because this game has soooooo much potential! I even got jumpscared by some plants lol I am deeply terrified of the Ocean so playing something like this really had me on edge. Glad you hit me up to play, can't wait to check out what else is in store! (I just noticed I botched the name in the title lol excuse my dyslexia, I'll fix it!)

That first jump scare really got me! good work! 

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The atmosphere was INSANE! Good job! 

I really enjoyed myself with this one! there were some missed opportunities for jump scares, but I don't think you meant for there to be a ton anyway. Really great game otherwise!

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Really enjoyed this one! keep up the good work! I didn't realize there were 3 endings, so I'll just check out the third one in my spare time.

Went in and played this one after playing the first one! I didn't get all the endings but what I played was still super cool! keep up the good work! 

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for how short the game is it really was a good one! not many horror games that I've seen or played uses a dog the way you did! Definitely will play Doghouse 2! 

I'm sure there was a lot I missed in the game, but for what I did end up playing it was pretty good! I'm a sucker for a good jump scare (which as I mentioned before, I probably missed some stuff) but the one I did get was great! keep up the good work!

I really enjoyed playing this game! It felt very immersive and the feature where the character does most of what you type in chat was phenomenal! It's so different than what you see now-a-days and definitely worth the playthrough.

 Can't wait for any more games you create in the future!
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I'm sure there was more I could've done (like using the bathroom lol) but I just went straight through and finished it. It was a for sure a good game for what you gave us,

and I had a good time playing!

I had so much fun playing the game! Definitely had me on edge from start to finish lol can’t wait for the full game! 

You really got me with those jump scares! lol good game though! wish it was a tad bit longer but other than that I had fun playing!

Played your game! idk if I'm able to get anything other than "you are: meh" but I still enjoyed playing! (you have to tell me what's wrong with the picture of the blue shirt guy lol)

I went back and actually beat the game this time lol don't let the 11 minutes fool you, it took me sooooo long to find all 12 hahaha

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Really interesting game! I didn't finish it because I couldn't find that last ones to save my life lol 

Played your game for my channel! It was very well made and I had a great time playing it! The jump scares definitely got me lol

Hey! I checked out your game and thought it was pretty cool! Here's my playthrough if you want to check it out!