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Hello Spencer.  We would like our game, Towertale to participate in this bundle.

Also, is this for itch only or does it include steam keys? Because our game includes a steam key on purchase. 

All the best,


I tried to install the game on the itch client. It says that v1.2_bindingsFix is the latest. So it's probably a bug. Thank you for reporting.

Omg just saw it! You rock! Thank you so much! :D

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Heya, thanks for letting me know. Although I just checked the settings of the new demo builds and they're properly marked as demos. It may just be an error. If the full game was replaced with the demo, please reinstall the game.

Thank you for playing our game! If possible, please give it a review on steam too. It really helps us out a lot! :)

Neat! Glad you had fun! :D

Hello. You can actually use the assist in story mode. It is only disabled in arcade and boss-rush modes. :D

Hello. You can play the full game here on itch. The bundle of racial justice doesn't include the steam key as stated in their info page:

Sorry for the late reply! I honestly didn't know about that. Thank you for informing us!

Thank you for playing the game and letting us know what you think!

You can get the other endings by going through the scenario selector then changing the choice you made with that area.

Hope you are able to 100% all of their stories, we worked really hard on it!

Also, sorry about the soft lock. Can you tell us where it happened so we can fixed it in the next patch?

Heya! Sorry about that. What version of the game did you play?

The best way to contact us is through our discord server:

And report the bugs to the #bug_reports channel.

We just saw this today. Please include our game Towertale with this cause.

So I played SoftWar demo. Honestly I am amazed that this was made in Ren'py. Here are some of my concerns while playing:

The characters are pretty nice. As a programmer myself, I can relate with the humor that was put into this game. The main character is also kind of funny. Though I haven't played much of the game, I can see myself playing this if certain issues are addressed. The introduction and setting is pretty good. The delivery is nice too, I found myself semi-cracking up with the punchlines and the added with the whip sound effect. ILY's character is pretty likeable as well.

Being a visual novel, the art is key. The artstyle is pretty consistent so far. The backgrounds are done pretty well. The characters have a unique artstyle, but I think it adds to the comical effect of the main character. Idk if it was intentionally made to be humorous but I find it to be. For the battle part, I love the sprites of the enemies. They're very cute and would love to see more of them in the game. Although I have to say this, I found ILY's mouth movement pretty weird. But lisa's A-ok!

The audio seems to fit with the theme. It wasn't distracting and pleasant to the ears. I personally love ILY's theme very well. Though I kinda caught off guard hearing ILY's voice on some parts. Though I think she fits ILY's character well.

The visual novel parts are your standard VN sequences. There are choices too early on, which is great. Although I find it questionable that you have to be on the computer to access the dialogue UI. I know that the dev probably meant it to be integrated, but I had an issue where I was skipping and it didn't stop until the battle started and there was still a skipping prompt visible but I couldn't access the dialogue UI. Of course this is still a demo, so there are bugs present. Another issue I had was with balancing. The Trojan Horse was the first enemy of the game and should serve as the tutorial for the Soft War Battle. Instead, what I played was pretty much unbeatable. Even after trying 6 times. I think most players would drop the game if they find the first enemy unbeatable. The battle needs more tutorial elements. I didn't know what the values of the cards meant and what the other parts of the UI meant.

Final thoughts:
I really want to play more but I got gatekeeped by the first enemy of the game. I think I have above average gaming skills yet I still kept losing, how much more for more casual players? Will take a look again if the issues are fixed or the first enemy to be more balanced. But yeah, I hope you take this with a grain of salt, these are just constructive criticisms that I noticed while playing the game.

Been eyeing on this game ever since ESGS2019. I couldn't play then because we also had a booth. But now I was finally able to play till the end.

The story was pretty immersive, ever since the beginning of the game, I was drawn in. The writing was pretty decent, and the world building was on point. I could see the potter books we're references, which was great. Although it was off to a slow start, but I became really invested after the first dungeon. I love that they literally teach you the mechanics of the game through lessons in class. It was a good touch. For the world building, everything definitely fits together. I heard that the developer is an actual Lawyer (or studied law, correct me if I'm wrong), but he definitely found a way to mix Law and Fantasy in a very cool way. I won't spoil anything, but I was really frustrated about the outcome of the first trial. But definitely, the story and world building was one of the strong points of the game.

The characters we're really great and memorable. Each magister have their own personality fit with the classes that they teach. My favorite being Zelka and Uni. There were also those bully brats that I wanted to tear down with my magic. Each of them are really believable and have their own roles to fulfill in the world.

As an RPG Maker game, most games don't like to change the formula and innovate that much. But this game added a twist to the boring old turned based formula by adding Aura Skills/Counters. I think it added a bit of strategical factor to the battles. The basics - attack, magic, guard, item are still there but I think the battles are well balanced.

Like in any other game in this genre, I think the audio makes or breaks the game. In this case, the audio for this game was on point. I love the little jingles used for sound effects and most things have some sounds. The music really fit in with the theme of the world, and are used well on proper scenarios. I did they really did a good job on the audio for this game.

Student Life Simulator:
One of the main features of the game is to let you live your life as a Lawmage Student. You are free to do things at your own pace at a cost of days. Each action you take takes the whole day to do. I was really amazed how much potential this game has. But I think they could add more things to do, it'll be more fun.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, Lawmage Academy has the potential to be something really great. It has the foundations of a great game and a great story. It's something that I want to play till the end and have a great time. I hope the dev team get all the support they need to finish the game because they indeed deserve it. There are still some improvements that can be done here and there but overall I had a really pleasant experience with the game. I recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs/jrpgs. Thank you for making the game.

Got really hooked! Amazing work! Can't wait for the full release!

Thank you for playing the game!

Heya Skywilly!

We released our game Towertale last july 30th, but we haven't had much sales/visibility here in itchio yet. 

Towertale is a 2D story driven boss-rush adventure game. 4 playable characters, 18 multi-phased boss fights and a story that intertwines the main character's storylines. 

If you like these types of games, feel free to check it out. We have a free demo available. :D

Here's our game's link:

Hey there! We are MiSou games. We are a game dev team founded by me,  Mipzy, the programmer and Soulty, my girlfriend and our main artist. Together with our friends Ozi, a freelancer artist, Gina an upcoming musical genius and Mordi who's an absolute madman of a composer, joined together to create our first game Towertale.

We aim to make games that has meaning. Games that make you feel. Most games these days are made with the intent of catering to "Sins", we aim to make games that is, not only fun, but also can teach you important things. We hope you follow us on our game dev journey to create awesome soulful games. :D


Thank you! :D

Lord Snicklefritz is the best! :

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Hello and greetings to you all!

We are proud to announce that we finally released our first indie title!

Towertale is a narrative driven boss-rush adventure game!

Follow the story of our four heroes. Know the mystery that lies up above the legendary tower. Fight the toughest bosses and claim the ultimate prize - The ability to change your fate! 

 Towertale is now available for purchase for a low low price of $7.99! But wait! We also have a launch discount so the price will only be $7.19 for the whole week! A steam key will also be given to you upon purchasing the game. 

You can check out our game page here:

 Check out our release trailer:

We hope you give the game a chance and try it out! 

Thank you for playing! Buying the game here on will also include a steam key. Hope you will enjoy the full game on release! :D

Thank you so much! We plan on releasing on both. 

Hello. The demo has around 2-4 hours of content overall. But most lets players only play with one character so that's around 20-45 mins per character playthrough.

Hello! Thank you for playing our demo! We glad you liked the game! We're sorry about what happened on the last part. If possible, may we know what are the specs of the machine you are playing it with? Also we appreciate the feedback and we will see what we can do about it. :D

Heya, probably not. The game was only planned to have 4 main characters. But after this game we are making a new game with even more cooler characters. So stay tuned!

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Thank you for playing! The attack speeds are based off the animations, so changing them might be a bit complicated. Also we've balanced the bosses around the amount of damage the player can do so we will have to re-balance everything if that's the case. I hope that will not be too much of a problem. 

Hello, we just want you to know that we updated the demo for our game. Numerous bug fixes + Reworked Slime King Boss!

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Hello! The demo is free. You can download and play it right now.! The full game will be paid.

We are planning to do a free giveaway soon on twitter. Give us a follow so you will be updated. Or join our discord server, we may plan to do some beta testing that you guys could participate in.

No problem! While she has her range, she definitely has less hp than the others. The further bosses are harder to cheese since they are much faster and have more move sets. There will be 17 bosses on the final game! You should try out the other characters too! I suggest "Dark Echo"!

Heya thanks for trying out our game! Yup, you definitely need to test the other characters too! They all have different perspectives, backstories and reasons for coming to the tower. Though the demo only shows the intro of the characters, the full game will show a whole lot more. There are also 17 fightable bosses on the full game and it gets harder the more high you go!

Hello, thank you for trying out the demo! These guys on the demo are just the intro bosses of the game. The Slime King is designed to be cheesed as a subtle tutorial on how crouching restores your stamina faster. (rip slime king you will forever be cheesed)

The skip cutscenes, we will definitely add that to the final build. Thank you for your input!

Greetings everyone! We are MiSou Games, a small team of 5 people. We'd like to announce that we just released a demo for our first indie game. Full game will be released on July 2019! Try it out now!

Towertale is a 2D, story-driven action game that has a heavy focus on boss battles. Fight your way up the elusive Tower and challenge the bosses of each level. Unveil the mystery that lies up in its peak. Play four different stories and unlock multiple endings. Join Lionel, Faindrel, Lord Snicklefritz and "Dark Echo" in their quest to get to the top!

Check it out and download the game here:

Thank you, have a nice day!