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Omg, the mc's personality is very interesting! The world building is just woww!  Can't wait for the next chapter XD

An amazing start!  There's still a lot of questions and mystery to be answered, of course, but that's just what makes it so enjoyable! And, i really, really love desi's vibe!!

i've always. always putting this up for later, waiting for the complete version but i can't  resist the temptation and I'M SO GLAD FOR IT. gosh, i love the character dynamic so much, i'm giggling like crazy at 3 am for the interactions alone! love this a lot!

Ahh, i see! Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for the correction!

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The newest chapter is such a treat! I didn't know what to expect, but it's very enjoyable to see that the main storyline + the political aspect aren't being derailed at all by the romances. The romances is integrated seamlessly into the plot, and I'm loving every single RO and the the side characters as well!

On a side note, would there be a parameter showing our relationship with every available factions? It seems that we're going to juggle the relationships between at least the public, nobles, and the peri? 

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Okay I've just did a replay on Jace's route. Hazel's action in this one is super cute, can't stop giggling 😂

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Dayum, i LOVE the two playable characters so much! Seeing their bickerings makes me smile so wide. Looking forward for the updates!

I've been searching for games with a story like this for ages! Love the demo!!

Thanks for the hard work!

While i love all the routes, i have to give highlight how much I love the combinations of traits that our pc could have--my favorite is the cunning, commanding hellion one! It's rare to see something like this in a vn/otome, and i must applaud the dev for the excellent execution! 

I've been waiting for this game for more than a year, and the demo doesn't disappoint!!! love it!

KYAAAAAH FINALLLYYY!! I'm so, so happyy!! Congratss!!! 

I've followed this game for a loong time in the CoG forum, and was shocked to find that you're here at itch!!! Hooray!

Omg, sofia's dress ٩ʕ◕౪◕ʔو. Thanks for the update!

I only have one thing to say.


Very excited for the release date! Thank you for your hard work. From the first demo up until now, it has been such a ride. Thanks for this game, dev!

I have played the beta, and i love it very much! The world building is very vivid, with interesting MC's personality and superb characters. Thumbs upp! 👍

i'm so excited for this game!! can't waitt \(>~<)/

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wewow. i've been playing for several hours so far, and this game is totally worth the wait!! So far, i'm loving this a lot. I like how the MC is capable of saving themselves in many situations, the beautiful artworks, and the surprising amount of side characters! 

I'd love to have more variety of "flavoring"  for the MC's response, though. But overall, this is such a nice, enjoyable game, and i like it a lot <3

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the art is simply breathtaking.... can't waittt!