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If only I had friends to play with :'(

Guess they are all just busy with life ^-^

Fair enough, I enjoy not having ingame locomotion and rather relying on my own floorspace (2.3m x 1.8m for me) and plays really well with that.

I can see issues with people who don't have that, but 2x2 seems to be the standard

Also adds a good element of danger and urgency by not being able to run away

Appreciate the openess, I'll be picking it up for sure

Anywhere I can follow news about the game?

Might I recommend the "throw ball" teleportation like budget cuts. That seems to have the best balancing for emergency movement. Insta-click-port feels like cheating, and the same would go for blur sprinting (also one of the sickening ones)

This is without a doubt the best melee combat I've used on the VIVE so far. I would love to see this developed further (will be donating as soon as I fix up some funds)