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Ok. I have to tell you the truth. I play your game each day for 2 hours since I discovered it. I'm addict. 

Wow, I'm impressed! Your version looks really good! Will you post it on 

Just as you said: "A cacctus shooting  zucchinis", that's mainly why I gave up hahaha
But you right, I'm certain I will learn a lot in this phase.  I will probably do just as you did and remake the whole visual of the game.

Not yet but I will subscribe, will I find you under the same nickname?

Pleasure to talk to you again

Hey thanks for your review! :) In fact I'm more an artist than a programmer so I'm kicking my ass right now to learn how to code.. I'd like to give life to my artistic vision but uuhhh... so hard sometimes haha!

Are you continuing the course on Udemy?? The part after Laser Defender, "Glitch Garden", is kinda boring ... I've been a bit discourage this week after seeing this... If you haven't seen yet, there's a great 2D Game course offered by Brackeys on Youtube

Have a good day and thanks


Hi, I've played your game until level 4, very nice but the fox is way too strong. Once it start eating your defence, nothing can stop him. Another thing: The game on easy mode is a bit too easy (but I suppose that is normal) but the hard mode is wayy too hard and I don't think I exagerate (I had like, 5 enemies that spawned at once, one on each line).

Hahaha nice reply x) 

First of all, wow, thats's a REALLY GOOD game! Good job to the developpers :) I've played it for an hour and this is what I've noticed that need a little of improvement

1. No life system, you get killed, you lose your stuff and have to start again (frustrating)
2. I once get stuck in a room with the Big Red Bat ... but It was my 3rd room in the dongeon, so I had my little cheap sword xD
3. I'd like to keep my weapons from a dongeon to another, especially when you get through without dying :"D
4. The accuracy of Shooting weapons is ..... wel ..... can be improve for sure :) 

So, that's my review, but overall it's a really great game and I would certainly pay for that game

Whoa, great idea! You following the course on Udemy right?? I'm also following this course and i'm actually building my own version of Laser Defender, when finished I'll post it on and I'd like you to try it! Let's keep in touch

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Your version of Laser Defender is really great! Nice work! I love all these animations that makes the game alive :) Will you add more guns and powerups?? Your game has a great potential

I really love how the bunnys disintegrate when hit! Really nice :)

I love your background! :)

Very great game~!!!

I would just like to not lose all of my power ups when I die :( 

But I had lot of fun tho :) Great job!!

Whoaa really awesome :) Make another version with more powers and explosions haha! I'd really like to play!