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Yaaay! The Siegfried scenes are some of my favorite. It's like a cool drink of water after writing Aldrich bouncing around all over the place and Natalia being way too intense xD

You’re the only person who chose Siegfried! I’m glad to see him getting some love (:

You can follow my chapter 4 progress more directly on the tumblr, I post regular updates there~ (arenacircusvn.tumblr)

Right now I have about 50,000 words done (all of the main scenes) and I'm starting on backgrounds.

LOL this made my morning. Add in one vote for Leslie's hat~

Arena Circus community · Created a new topic General

Questions about the AC world? Want to comment on your playthrough? Have a screenshot of a cool outfit? Post it here!

Ah I'm so glad you like them, I've been having so much fun! And everyone's welcome to audition, don't let that stop you (:

Ah thanks so much! I'm so happy you've enjoyed it so far, and I'd love to hear your thoughts :D

LOL I’m sorry xD Glad you enjoyed it anyway

Well until I can figure out how to put the files in the game without them getting archived, I uploaded the album on soundcloud. Thought you might like to know! https://soundcloud.com/user-577383146/sets/the-pretenders-guild

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and in depth comment! It really made me happy to read. I agree that the endings were rushed, I find myself struggling with that in my writing. I hope it didn't take away from the experience too much!

I'm glad that you were still able to enjoy Braums even though he's not your usual type. He's actually Ash's age, he just comes off as a little younger/naive since he's never been outside the castle before (at least that was my intention). Despite this he still interacts with people better than Rafael. smh That being said, Rafael is my baby, glad to hear he caught your eye!

I am so happy I think you're the only person who's mentioned the GUI! I was really proud of the GUI for this. I didn't want this to be a stressful experience or something you had to try over and over again so I'm glad the hints helped! 

Thank you for giving the game a shot despite the tags!

Now you've made me want a fan-disk

I’m so glad to hear! Writing Ash was really fun, it was important to me to make a main character that was enjoyable to play. Thanks so much for playing!

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And if your only complaint was that you wish there was more, I’ll take it. My next project will be chapter 4 of Arena Circus, I hope you’ll check that out too!

Actually, that's his bad ending CG!

That would be Paris' route!

Thank you for playing! I'm so glad you enjoyed and I hope you check out my future stuff. (:

I'm glad to hear you liked Braums! He was my personal favorite.

Thank you so much for pointing out this error! I'll get to work on fixing it. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it so much and I hope you check out my future stuff! You'll get to see ending 8 soon. (:

Hello, regular updates about game development are being posted on the Arena Circus tumblr (https://arenacircusvn.tumblr.com/). You can follow that for more information about future updates! 

As for the next chapter, I’m planning for sometime in the fall, but I don’t want to give any dates just yet.

This thread will be used to talk about content in updates uploaded to itch.io. 

Thank you!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm so glad you enjoyed. 

Hello! Shoot me an e-mail at aferalcircus@gmail.com, and I can get to work helping you solve this issue! If possible, please use the e-mail that you used to purchase AC Golden, or include that e-mail in your message. Thank you!

Ah, sorry about that, I’ll look into it as soon as I can!

Oh no, it's not for sale, sorry. I mean, they're just little songs I put together for the game, I didn't upload them anywhere. I could make the mp3 files available for download free here though! 

If you check the music room, you can see the name of all the songs! I believe I named it Tsundere Blitz haha xD

Haha no worries! I hope you like the rest of it just as much c: 

I can't take all the credit for the hand thing, I was greatly inspired by Star Trek! Although if Vulcan hands were exactly like Shika ones the narrative would be a lil' different. c;

Oh okay! Those extra scenes are the secret route, so you're all good! Probably should call it something else but I wasn't sure what to dub it but a secret route xD To unlock the extra scenes there you'll have to play through the bad endings. 

You're so kind, thank you so much ;u; I really appreciate you taking the time to play and comment!

(Edited 1 time)

I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks for playing.

Yeah of course! Hmm, that is puzzling! When you completed Rafael's route as a Shika, did you get a message saying you'd unlocked content?  

The other endings can be found by finishing the different route with under 80%, and ending 8 is the ending of the secret route.

No problem!

Thank you so much! I don't mind the long post at all, it made me really happy to read. And I never would have known you weren't a natural English speaker, no mistakes noticed c: I agree with you on the endings, it's something a lot of people have pointed out. I'll have to work harder to flesh out my outline next time! 

Hehe those last night scenes are my favorite too >w< They were so fun to write, particularly Paris'. Honestly Paris caught me off guard with that first kiss too, it wasn't in my original outline then as I started writing I was like: Paris... Paris what are you doing? Paris! This wasn't part of the plan! 

He has a mind of his own haha.

Thank you for the typo fixes, I'll go through and fix those soon! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed and I hope you enjoy any future games just as much if you get a chance to check them out!

(Edited 1 time)

Ahh thank you so much for your lovely comment! What a nice way to wake up. Thanks for mentioning that, there were a few errors made when I added in the pronoun feature, I'll be going through to fix those soon! 

Ending 3 is achieved by playing through Braums' route and getting his 'good' ending as a Shika, I believe. You can also raise Paris' points in the intro depending on which guild emblem symbol you pick! However, getting past 80% won't unlock any new content. 

Thanks for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed!

Nope, it's only canon if you don't try and get Basil and Carlotta back together. Then again, they had a lot of issues, so who knows how long their happiness would last. The story is pre-relationship of course, I think it'll take a while for Basil to really open himself up again... but I think Min could be the one to do it!

The scenes mentioned, scene 45 is one you can see if you

a: don't get Basil and Carlotta back together, and

b: do Min's request on the job board. 

The pic at the top is a peak of the CG from that scene! 

Thanks for reading ^^

I'm glad you guys aren't too disappointed xD Don't worry, there will be more opportunities for art! I have another poll open on twitter for another milestone so check that out too!

Wow I don't even know how you got it that big but your enthusiasm is duly noted xD

Aw thanks so much, this really made me happy to read ;; 

I'll do my best to keep going strong!

I did Kitten and James... it was so cute. So cute. And the fact that it started with a Star Trek quote? You had my heart from the first line, friend. I'll be going back to do the other routes but I had to come and say great job, especially for NaNo!

4/4/18 4:49 p.m

 Fixed a bug where a choice would show up when it shouldn't 

+ Fixed a bug where a choice was doubled 

+ Lowered the required points for viewing a choice

+ Fixed a bug where the game did not end at the end of chapter 3 HOPEFULLY THIS HAS BEEN PLAGUING ME SINCE THE RELEASE MY GOODNESS

+ Added sound effects to chapter 3

+ Added a reminder at the end of chapter 3 to save

Lucy: I forgive you, I do too.

Woo hoooo I think you're the only one who's asked for Santana and Lucy. Lucy is glad to see that you recognize the *true* main character.

No worries! The hints will get you through c:

Oh, sorry! Uh... I'll get back to you on that. A couple of people have asked about the endings so I'll try and put something together when I get a chance!

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^