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Ah, sorry about that, I’ll look into it as soon as I can!

Oh no, it's not for sale, sorry. I mean, they're just little songs I put together for the game, I didn't upload them anywhere. I could make the mp3 files available for download free here though! 

If you check the music room, you can see the name of all the songs! I believe I named it Tsundere Blitz haha xD

Haha no worries! I hope you like the rest of it just as much c: 

I can't take all the credit for the hand thing, I was greatly inspired by Star Trek! Although if Vulcan hands were exactly like Shika ones the narrative would be a lil' different. c;

Oh okay! Those extra scenes are the secret route, so you're all good! Probably should call it something else but I wasn't sure what to dub it but a secret route xD To unlock the extra scenes there you'll have to play through the bad endings. 

You're so kind, thank you so much ;u; I really appreciate you taking the time to play and comment!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed! Thanks for playing.

Yeah of course! Hmm, that is puzzling! When you completed Rafael's route as a Shika, did you get a message saying you'd unlocked content?  

The other endings can be found by finishing the different route with under 80%, and ending 8 is the ending of the secret route.

No problem!

Thank you so much! I don't mind the long post at all, it made me really happy to read. And I never would have known you weren't a natural English speaker, no mistakes noticed c: I agree with you on the endings, it's something a lot of people have pointed out. I'll have to work harder to flesh out my outline next time! 

Hehe those last night scenes are my favorite too >w< They were so fun to write, particularly Paris'. Honestly Paris caught me off guard with that first kiss too, it wasn't in my original outline then as I started writing I was like: Paris... Paris what are you doing? Paris! This wasn't part of the plan! 

He has a mind of his own haha.

Thank you for the typo fixes, I'll go through and fix those soon! 

I'm really glad you enjoyed and I hope you enjoy any future games just as much if you get a chance to check them out!

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Ahh thank you so much for your lovely comment! What a nice way to wake up. Thanks for mentioning that, there were a few errors made when I added in the pronoun feature, I'll be going through to fix those soon! 

Ending 3 is achieved by playing through Braums' route and getting his 'good' ending as a Shika, I believe. You can also raise Paris' points in the intro depending on which guild emblem symbol you pick! However, getting past 80% won't unlock any new content. 

Thanks for playing and I'm so glad you enjoyed!

Nope, it's only canon if you don't try and get Basil and Carlotta back together. Then again, they had a lot of issues, so who knows how long their happiness would last. The story is pre-relationship of course, I think it'll take a while for Basil to really open himself up again... but I think Min could be the one to do it!

The scenes mentioned, scene 45 is one you can see if you

a: don't get Basil and Carlotta back together, and

b: do Min's request on the job board. 

The pic at the top is a peak of the CG from that scene! 

Thanks for reading ^^

I'm glad you guys aren't too disappointed xD Don't worry, there will be more opportunities for art! I have another poll open on twitter for another milestone so check that out too!

Wow I don't even know how you got it that big but your enthusiasm is duly noted xD

Aw thanks so much, this really made me happy to read ;; 

I'll do my best to keep going strong!

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I did Kitten and James... it was so cute. So cute. And the fact that it started with a Star Trek quote? You had my heart from the first line, friend. I'll be going back to do the other routes but I had to come and say great job, especially for NaNo!

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4/4/18 4:49 p.m

 Fixed a bug where a choice would show up when it shouldn't 

+ Fixed a bug where a choice was doubled 

+ Lowered the required points for viewing a choice

+ Fixed a bug where the game did not end at the end of chapter 3 HOPEFULLY THIS HAS BEEN PLAGUING ME SINCE THE RELEASE MY GOODNESS

+ Added sound effects to chapter 3

+ Added a reminder at the end of chapter 3 to save

Lucy: I forgive you, I do too.

Woo hoooo I think you're the only one who's asked for Santana and Lucy. Lucy is glad to see that you recognize the *true* main character.

No worries! The hints will get you through c:

Replied to MrMar in Plain comments

Oh, sorry! Uh... I'll get back to you on that. A couple of people have asked about the endings so I'll try and put something together when I get a chance!

Replied to Froey in Plain comments

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^

Replied to MrMar in Plain comments

The images have been fixed, thank you for pointing that out!

It was my pleasure, I had a blast! I did go back through and get both Anzo and Marcel's 'into it' endings, I'll have to download the updated version so I can see the ones I missed!

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Okay I loved this from the line 


Score one for team opposable thumbs! END SPOILERS

The MC was so funny, and I loved their cheerful attitude. She was totally cool with where she was because she wanted to be a real adventurer and it was the cutest. Anzo was a treat, and Marcel had me cracking up. Basically I was laughing the whole time. And then I noticed that the icon is underpants and I laughed some more. Was it because I'm not sexy enough I can't. 

Okay but please tell me the pokemon reference was on purpose because I screamed.

Also: Because reasons. And poor Edwards.

I did find one error, I included the screen before it for reference:

I also really enjoyed the pillar moving puzzle! I'm a sucker for puzzles in general. Overall this is a really great accomplishment for Nano! So far I've only gotten one ending, but I plan on going back and doing all of the options, because all of the dialogue really tickled me. I'm looking forward to Lady Emi's route!

Edit: I'm crying I went back to play again and told Marcel I like what I see I can't

A++ very nice love it

It's no trouble at all! I'm glad it worked, and I hope you enjoy the game!

Hmm, I'm not sure what the issue is! I haven't heard from anyone who's had this problem. But, I tried building a 'windows only' version of the game, please let me know if this helps!

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4/2/18 5:15pm

Fixed an issue where greyed out menu items prevented people from continuing, and made it easier to increase Fenris and Leslie points.

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Hello, thanks for bringing this to my attention! I've updated the files and the issue should be fixed. Please let me know if you still have problems after redownloading.

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+ Fixed an issue where some clothes did not load properly, causing an error screen.


+ Arena Circus Golden password, and the guide, are now available from a different project page in order to give me a better list of who's paying enough for the files. You can find it here: https://minyan.itch.io/acgolden

+Arena Circus Golden files are now included in Arena Circus, all you need is the password to unlock them. People who previously purchased Arena Circus Golden separately will continue to get updates so they can access their old saves.

+Fixed the jump to nonexistent chapter 4 at the end of chapter 3

+Added more sound effects to chapters 1 and 2

+ Changed Lucy's rank from four to six 

+Typo fixes

+Took out the skip intro option to address a bug

+Fixed  a few continuity errors

+Added more transition screens

Created a new topic Updates

I'll post updates here so it's easy to keep track of them.

Created a new topic Feedback

Have a comment about the game? Or you'd like to answer the questions on the game page? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Created a new topic Bugs

Please post any bugs you find here!

Created a new topic Welcome to the Circus!

Hello! I decided to switch the format from comments to a discussion board to help me better organize the feedback I'm getting. Post any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions here as you'd like!

Thanks, you too! I'd have to send a new link at each update anyway since I've reformatted the game. I don't want anyone to have to lose their save data! Hopefully this works out though.  I put a download key for the new page in the dropbox folder as well so you will have access to those files too, if you prefer to download them from itch directly. 

(Edited 1 time)

I can e-mail everyone who's bought Arena Circus, the only issue with that is that some people who have bought Arena Circus did not pay the minimum amount required to unlock the golden features. Itch doesn't keep track of how much people paid, just who's paid at all. That's why I made the new page— so I could easily keep a separate list of donations and actual purchases. If I keep using the e-mail system itch has through the AC page, then people who haven't paid the full amount would get the e-mails as well, which isn't fair to people like yourself who paid in full. 

An alternative solution would be to personally keep a list of everyone who's purchased it for the minimum amount and then e-mail them all separate from itch, but before I go that far I'm trying to find better solutions. If you'd prefer an unlock key to the new page rather than the dropbox though I can send one to you!

I'm sorry about that! I forgot to put the guide in the folder. I'll do that now. I've been trying to figure out the most efficient way to offer these downloads while still allowing the regular game to be free, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your support, and please let me know if you're still unable to access the guide.

Aw thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Indefinitely making games would certainly be the dream xD 

Thanks again for playing and I hope you enjoy Arena Circus chapter 4 once it's complete!

Ah yes! Sorry about that. I think when I fixed an issue with the script I forgot to go back and lock everything after chapter 3. I'll post an update soon! Thank you for your kind comments. ^^

You're too kind! Since the files have been updated since then there's a chance it won't work or it might be outdated— I might have still been using media fire back then. If the version isn't 4.3, let me know!

Thank you for your support!

Oh, thank you! It was in no way intended to be transphobic, so I'm really glad to hear it wasn't taken that way. Thanks for playing!