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Ending three is getting Braums' good ending as a shika. Ending six has two different endings depending on whether you're a reaver or a shika, and there's no after story because that's Braums' bad ending. Ending eight is unlocked after seeing all the extra scenes in the bonus content unlocked after finishing Rafael's route. Hope that helps!

Hi there, which endings are you trying to get?

Thank you so much for your kind, thoughtful comments! They really made my day. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it. I am also a big SantanaxLucy fan, they're so fun to write. I'm really looking forward to writing more of them in later chapters. Natalia is also fun to write, especially because her point of view is so different from Liliés, it's an interesting mix. 

I hope you like the future chapters just as much!

Not yet, sorry! I plan on finishing all 6 chapters from Lilié's point of view then start on Aldrich's. But, once I finish chapter 6 it shouldn't take me as long since there won't be as much art, and I'm rewriting from a different POV rather than writing all new stuff.

Hmm, that's odd! If you have the other CG on page 4 you should have that one too. I'll look into this! 

Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game! Thank you so much for your support and your comments. I hope you like Arena Circus when it's complete!

Thanks so much! I'd love to do it, the only issue now is trying to schedule a time. Thankfully I'm in EST now so timezones aren't as much of an issue~

That will be answered in chapter 4! Stay tuned!

Thanks so much for playing! I really appreciate it. I hope you enjoy my future stuff just as much!

No, thank you for playing! I hope you enjoy the next one just as much :D

I've been thinking about making one! But you can turn on hints to help you get all the points you need for the 'good' endings. c:

I'd love a link!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I love your suggestions, they would make great bonus chapters. You'll definitely get more backstory in chapter 4, so that's something to look forward to. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much, and hope you contnue to enjoy future updates! Progress is slow but steady, and your support really helps to keep me going. Thanks again!

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This is the devlog for Arena Circus! I'm still figuring out how itch does these, so bear with me.  Download the first three chapters here! Arena Circus is a solo project, so development can get a little slow depending on what's going on in my life at the time. 

Brief description:

A visual novel set in a fantasy world where appearance is everything and humans are at the bottom of the totem pole. Aldrich and Lilié are trying to battle their way to the top of a world that looks down on them— and soon it will become far more than just a matter of pride.

Features for the finished game:

+Two characters you can play as, one male one female. Both of them are bisexual.

+ A story filled with drama, comedy, romance, and two distinct branches, with several possible endings for each. Which side will you choose?

+ Free roam where you can move around, find different characters in different locations, shop for clothes, and complete side quests to earn money for clothes. Scenes you might find include world building information, character backstories, will strengthen your relationships with the characters, or might just be good for a laugh ;D

+3 possible romances, one G x G, one G x B, and one B x B

+ A battle system featuring timed choices. Winning or losing affects the story.

+ 6 chapters

+ 34 CGs (tentative number)

+ Main character sprites with clothing available for the head, torso, leg and feet, as well as accessories.

3/6 chapters of Lilie's route 

Rating: 16+ for: language, violence, some gore, disturbing themes, sexual themes

Gameplay time: 4 + hours 

83,000 + words 

18 CGs 

Over 40 clothing items

Meet the characters!


Current progress:

Right now I'm working on chapter 4 for Lilie's route. I'm well on my way!

+ 50,000/? words

+ 3/10 backgrounds

+ 0/3 sprites

+ 0/? CGs

I'll be attempting to get a beta release out for patrons sometime in September.

Here are some images from Chapter 4 that have been released already:

Download the game for free, or buy Arena Circus Golden and get extra content and the full guide book here!

There are 3 out of 6 chapters complete. Lillie's route will be done first. People who previously purchased Arena Circus Golden at a reduced price will get a free download key for future updates.

Cool rewards to be unlocked on Patreon!

Follow me on twitter (@CapMinyan) and tumblr for the latest sneak peaks, bonus art, and progress updates!

Ask me anything (

You can get the soundtrack free here:

Thanks guys and I'll try to keep this updated!

Feel free! So long as you link back to this page (:

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I've only just started but oh my goodness, Percival. He is a riot. I'll come back and leave my thoughts on the whole game once I've completed it but the beginning at least has made me laugh xD

Congrats on the release (I know I'm late but I remember seeing this when it was only a demo)!

edit: soren's pet names are killing me I can't

edit: I've played though and gotten about six endings! It was a very nice little game. The demon's backstories were all interestng, and of course the love scenes were very steamy. Soren is forever my favorite. The dialogue was really great, especially Karn's insults always startled a laugh out of me. My criticisms would be a gallery/endings screen would be nice, as well as more custom UI. 

Thanks for the fun game!

I tried to make Ash fairly androgynous, as it would have been more difficult to draw two completely different characters for CGs rather than just doing a male/female version of the same sprite. So Ash's male version still has the long hair, but has a guy chest, adam's apple, and loses the eyelashes. Sorry he looked too girly for you~ There are a few steamy scenes, but no H scenes

Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear you liked the extra route, haven't gotten much feedback on that so it's good to hear! Your comments really made my day <3 

Oh man, definitely going to play this when I get a chance! I love the art, it looks amazing!

That's a good idea! Thanks. c:

Your wish is my command!

xD Sorry 

Congratulations, you're the winner! As the post stated, you can choose from one of two prizes:

A. choose a topic of conversation for one of the free roam meals you can have daily with any character of your choice. For this, tell me the topic of conversation, and the character you'd like Lilié to be eating with! (Aldrich, Natalia, Leslie, Fenris, Siegfried, Lucy and Santana (they refuse to separate)).

B. Get a (spriteless) npc with a few lines of dialogue! For this, tell me what dialogue you'd like included! You can tell me a situation as well or I'll find a way to work it into one of the free roam scenes by myself.

Thanks for participating!

Yaaay! The Siegfried scenes are some of my favorite. It's like a cool drink of water after writing Aldrich bouncing around all over the place and Natalia being way too intense xD

You’re the only person who chose Siegfried! I’m glad to see him getting some love (:

You can follow my chapter 4 progress more directly on the tumblr, I post regular updates there~ (arenacircusvn.tumblr)

Right now I have about 50,000 words done (all of the main scenes) and I'm starting on backgrounds.

LOL this made my morning. Add in one vote for Leslie's hat~

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Questions about the AC world? Want to comment on your playthrough? Have a screenshot of a cool outfit? Post it here!

Ah I'm so glad you like them, I've been having so much fun! And everyone's welcome to audition, don't let that stop you (:

Ah thanks so much! I'm so happy you've enjoyed it so far, and I'd love to hear your thoughts :D

LOL I’m sorry xD Glad you enjoyed it anyway

Well until I can figure out how to put the files in the game without them getting archived, I uploaded the album on soundcloud. Thought you might like to know!

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and in depth comment! It really made me happy to read. I agree that the endings were rushed, I find myself struggling with that in my writing. I hope it didn't take away from the experience too much!

I'm glad that you were still able to enjoy Braums even though he's not your usual type. He's actually Ash's age, he just comes off as a little younger/naive since he's never been outside the castle before (at least that was my intention). Despite this he still interacts with people better than Rafael. smh That being said, Rafael is my baby, glad to hear he caught your eye!

I am so happy I think you're the only person who's mentioned the GUI! I was really proud of the GUI for this. I didn't want this to be a stressful experience or something you had to try over and over again so I'm glad the hints helped! 

Thank you for giving the game a shot despite the tags!

Now you've made me want a fan-disk

I’m so glad to hear! Writing Ash was really fun, it was important to me to make a main character that was enjoyable to play. Thanks so much for playing!

I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And if your only complaint was that you wish there was more, I’ll take it. My next project will be chapter 4 of Arena Circus, I hope you’ll check that out too!

Actually, that's his bad ending CG!

That would be Paris' route!

Thank you for playing! I'm so glad you enjoyed and I hope you check out my future stuff. (:

I'm glad to hear you liked Braums! He was my personal favorite.

Thank you so much for pointing out this error! I'll get to work on fixing it. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it so much and I hope you check out my future stuff! You'll get to see ending 8 soon. (:

Hello, regular updates about game development are being posted on the Arena Circus tumblr ( You can follow that for more information about future updates! 

As for the next chapter, I’m planning for sometime in the fall, but I don’t want to give any dates just yet.

This thread will be used to talk about content in updates uploaded to 

Thank you!