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great little game, loved it a lot.

What an adorable little game, I really enjoyed it.

I wished I could be forever in that little forest, it just felt so simple and chill. Beautiful little game, thank you so much for it.

What a beautiful little game. I really liked the way we went through their memories as we walked, it just felt really nostalgic. I like how the game is silent and kind of calm (?) even though the character is in a tough situation.

It took me a little bit of time, but when I realized what the tunnel part meant I found it very touching. I just really, really liked this game.

I really appreciated the attention to detail, the pretty color palette and beautiful artwork. Great little game!

This game's atmosphere is no joke, the combination of the whispers and the background sounds is so unsettling, it's just PERFECTION.  In some point I started to feel compassion for the monster, like I could relate to some experiences of his.

I was sooo sure that the plot was about a monster who lured people into opening their eyes up so that he could hypnotize them or something like that, but I got really surprised with the ending. I plan on playing this game a few more times so that I can see what happens if I choose different options.

Overall, really good psychological thriller with great voice acting!

Yet another amazing game! I swear I can never get enough of your horror games, Navarro. You just have this unique style of yours that never gets boring for me.

I really liked the character designs for this game, and the background music was sooo good! This one was a bit more violent than the usual, but honestly it did not bother me. I got so surprised when all the blood was added to the sauce pot, my god! It really caught me off guard, hahaha!

I have no complaints about this game, I sincerely enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you so much for all the hard work!

Cutely emotional. I really liked it.

I ended up choosing Essay on Empathy, mostly because those stories talk about things I wished a lot of men could understand better. Even though my own father is not the biggest fan of fictional books, this looked like one I could possibly gift him.

I was tempted to choose My Cute Neighbour, because this seemed like a book I would like to receive myself. C'mon, cute comics about cute cats? Count me in! But I can imagine older men would not enjoy this reading as much as I would.

Alberto, I Read You and I Feel More Free reminded me of a few poetry books that I have read and enjoyed a lot, so I would probably buy it for myself or my mother, but definetely not for my father.

I love everything thriller, so I would probably get really excited if someone gifted me The Forensics Artist. 

Tapenade seemed like the type of book that I would pick up for myself without thinking twice about it. I really enjoy books about feminism, specially the ones with illustrations made by the author.

Well, I think that's it. Amazing game, as always. I thought this one would take me just a few minutes to complete, but I actually spended more time on it than I had intended to do. Your games always end up sucking me in, and I honestly love it. Thank you for the great experience!

Me gustó mucho este juego, congratulaciones! El pixel art es muy bonito, y la paleta de colores me encanta. El tema del juego es muy interesante, me gustaría mucho ver una versión con música de fondo y talvez algunos efectos de sonido. Espero que hagas más juegos increíbles como este en el futuro. :)))