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If anyone's reading this, wondering if they should download this, do it please. You absolutely won't regret it.
(bit of a long comment, agh, i'm sorry !! i just really wanted to directly state how much fun i had on the game page;; don't mind me~)

This game, whoo this g a m e. It's fantastic, truly. I just finished all of the endings (if I may add, the true ending is absolutely fantastic), and I had the time of my life. I love all of the characters! They're all so fun and interesting! every interaction with them makes me want more. This VN had me laughing from start to finish. Exploring everything I could was so worth it! I really feel thoroughly rewarded for getting through it all! I loved how colorful everything was, especially the characters. The mystery of Hermes still haunts my nights~ Speaking of Hermes, I really loved all of their interactions with the characters, especially the ones with Gry, considering how fun they were (even if some of them were really terrible...poor Hermes orz). I can't believe it took me so long to say "Screw it, let's play it." Not to mention how much the art astonished me! A funny game that runs smoothly, has little to no typos, sounds pretty fun with  a lovely soundtrack, and looks nice too? Sign me up! Aah, that's not even touching my love for the image displayed after finishing an ending, I,,really love that picture. All in all, this is a fun ride that's totally worth going on! I had so much fun and would love to see more of these characters and their (mis)adventures in the future. Also, bit of a side-note; I really love he world you've built! I really like learning about the settings in the stories I read, so the index was not only fun, but also a really nice read. Loved the thing you guys did with the bag and book, freaked out about how it was cool for a while haha! Keep being awesome you guys! This is the most fun I've had playing a VN in a while. (Most of the ones I've played recently are super sad, so it's a good refresher if you're feeling down!)

The list of features are 100% true. This is a very nice experience~

Honestly, I got into your games pretty recently and I see that I was missing out on some really fantastic stuff. It started with Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet ( which I loved so much !! ), and now here I am. I'm in love with the characters and the art and music makes everything all the better. Bless Mochi and her warm curry flavored heart. This is such a fantastic series! I can't wait to see even more of your work!