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Cool game! The controls felt a little too slippery at times, and it was odd that the platforms moved along without my character while standing on them. But other than that, I think it's a solid take on the jam theme. Pretty addictive to keep trying at those levels.

Pugs! Always here for the pugs.

It was a cute little game. I liked that there was a count of all the bones in the level. Kept me motivated to look for more bones every time I died. 

The game is definitely a cool take on the theme, but it is difficult to control at times. When using the arrow keys to shift abilities and using A/D to move, it felt hard to coordinate my hands for seemingly simple jumps. Maybe if W/S were used to switch abilities as well, then it could be easier to use? Hard to say.

But still, the concept of the game could be the basis for some tricky puzzles. Would like to see that!

Managed to run the game through GameMaker. Gotta admit, the controls were pretty rough to work with. If there was more hangtime in the jump to allow for more horizontal movement, I think it would be easier to control. 

I'm impressed that you got several levels (including a boss finale) all made in time for the jam. That's pretty cool! Keep up the work!

Very cool idea, but it does need some more dev time to work out the kinks. As others have said, it's mostly a UI problem. It's unclear at times what can/can't be clicked and the windows are not always responsive. I also encountered a fatal error when clicking on the "Open File" button in the USB. 

That being said, I'm all for the concept here and I'd enjoy playing a cool mystery game like this!

My game's original "Only One" was to create a set of puzzles that required only one key press to solve. And that remained true in the final product.  What did evolve though was how much I wanted to push that central gimmick. I came up with all kinds of weird puzzles by the end that still stay true to the gimmick but also (hopefully) changed the player's perception of it. 

Unfortunately, some of the early puzzles I designed were too obtuse for players who can't read my mind (whoops!). The latter puzzles seemed more intuitive in testing, but my biggest regret of the jam was not revising those introductory levels (the answer to the ladder puzzle is "M" for anyone who wants to check the game out).

Very cool idea! I'd love to play a full game where you need to use that door for all kinds of crazy levels. Had fun!

I've never played any old ASCII games before, but this one really makes me want to try them out! Cool idea!

Great idea for the game jam! Admittedly pretty frustrating, but it was still a solid concept with some fun levels. Couple things did bug me though.

First, the burst movement was difficult to gauge. This made it unclear if I was going to narrowly dodge a group of flames or just lunge to my death. 

Second, adding a series of enemies before the boss felt a little annoying. I had to do a lot of strategic waiting when facing those enemies, which was frustrating when I really just wanted to see the finale. 

That being said, the concept, enemy variety and overall level design made for a cool experience. If you plan on updating it, I'd gladly check it out!

I don’t blame you. I feel like the first couple puzzles were more obtuse than necessary. I have revisions in mind to make a better opening.

Thank you for trying it though! I’m glad at least some people are playing it. I hope you can enjoy a revised version in the future!

Thanks! I had fun making this one and I’d gladly go back to polish up the concept more. Glad you liked it!

Thanks for the feedback! I agree with what you’ve said. I debated with  myself on some way to discourage brute force without making it too punishing, and maybe a counter like you suggest would be good.

Also, I’m considering adding titles to each puzzle to better hint toward an answer. 

I’ll look into that error and add a new way to advance text. Thanks again!