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cant really do anything 

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huh why cant i do story im only getting the house thing 

(i came for the vn not horror)

where can i play full game

when is this gonna me finished i want to play whole thing it looks like map is done though

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can there be a skip feature pls its annoying when im trying to go back and get all endings or even fix a mistake in the path i want (also can there be a few more save tabs i like to save at every choice outcome and i mean every

got all endings loved it even short ones are great f you just add a lot of choices and heart warming moments like this one

hey is this purly read or are there choices?

these games were fun but too short

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personally i feel the sisters ending is the true ending

ive found there only 1 good end and thats if you pick the top choice when all three choices are help minami

hey i had a good idea to pass some time why dont you guys make a battle mode where you just onslaught mobs since the combat system is so fun but you guys also are working hard on story but this would be nice since the combat system is so well made

Don't Bite Me Bro! community · Created a new topic pls help

i cant interact with the house the npcs stop working after a wave and i cant exit the game without shuting down the program also 1 more thing every time i log out i lose all my new weapons like the rifle shotgun buster sword is that 1 on pupose

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im on pc and i have 2 bugs 1 where i cant change chararcters when i mean i cant change characters i mean i cant intereact with the base altogether and 2 where i cant exit the game normmaly i have to close the program

how am i supposed to make new workers when i can barly keep things alive since the sharks just come to fast and frequent but seriously how do you make new poeple

you should make a breed option after a 5 star's have been reched through social interaction of 2 characters also make a way to show the relation between only 2 at a time so have you seen dragon city thier breeding thing where you scroll until you find the one you want something like that might make it easier to have the social system up

how you make new surviviors?

i havent played yet but this lookes promising its hard to find good games that arent either childish or just to much killing

noooo i finished demo its so good i dont want it to end

loving this game its so well made also its frusterating how wind is so much more expensive but it makes sense since wind is much better offesive skills

hey for the first boss whats recommened level on hard mode

thks for telling me it works now its nice to see a game with good rpg roots and a well built skill tree

well it downloads but the program dosent run it keeps sending me to a list of downloads

when I do your website is it supposed to send me to google drive for download

it dosent give error it just fails and syas windows dosent work with it also by the preview this looks like an amazing rpg

it says this isnt availible on windows and ive tried but cant get it to work so what do i need