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I might work on this more until one month after its release. I've got another crazy project to do. Feedback however is appreciated.  A lot of time was spent playtesting. If you encounter any bugs let me know!

Thanks a lot! =)


Yeah I know... Thanks for the feedback though!

Fast Paced 2D Top Down Shooter :p Checking yours out!

Just to make your life harder i request the bad of the fanarts

If only you could kill enemys with the creepers... 5 STARS

Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to stimulate a bullet coming out of nowhere so you would always stay at your feet. This definitely made the game harder though  =)

The dialogue is quirky and nice. Would Have liked if your focus was more on the dialogue too. The gameplay feels like a bug thats been turned into a game though. Super trippy though  and 5/5 originality =)

I (think) I replied to another person with the same issue. The speed of the bullet was a bug found at the last moment so I couldn't fix it. Would take too much time. The enemies do shoot off screen. Since i wanted to stimulate a bullet suddenly targeting you. The bullets that come from nowhere are still easy to dodge when I play tested.  Thanks for the rating and review! =)

Thank you so much! I play-tested the game a lot and figured most people wouldn't be able to beat harder enemies. (Enemies get harder and spawn quicker over time).  A hidden aim assist was the only thing I could think of. Thanks for the review =)

Yeah , Its too fast-paced , but it also gives you the feeling of rush which i wanted =). The enemy death thing , That has to do with the Aim Assist I  implemented. For most normal people The game was  too hard , so Aim assist was required. I wanted the enemies to INsta kill if you were AFK for even a second hence the 'fast pace' Obviously if you are near the enemies the bullet is going to hit you right away. I didnt mention for people to stay in the middle cause I wanted them to figure it out themselves =)

Thanks for the feedback. I was trying to stimulate a bullet coming out of nowhere so you would always stay at your feet. This definitely mde the game harder though :)

I know.. It was a bug discovered at the last moment so couldn't fix it :(. Thanks for the feedback!

The pixel art is great! I think the 360 range of the torch should be made slower or the torch itself should be dimmer. Other than that. Great! 5/5 Original

Yeah lol. For some reason thought it was funny to display bullets even if you had only one bullet. =)

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Try again! This game is hard. If you try you'll get a huge highscore!

Yeah or expand it out!

Amazing COncept!