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A member registered Nov 23, 2020

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i liked the game it was good the only thing i didnt like was the hallways leading to another one where nothing is happing and it wayyy too dark, but i like the character design look weird and scary  but i would give it a 8.1

i didnt like the ending it was confusing but i guess it could be better and i didnt like it when i was frozen when the door being open i suppose i could explore and door randomly could open but i do like the character model when the naked stalker after you it kinda like slenderman but no clothes but it was ok there wasnt much going on but the atmosphere is good 

it a good game i like the story about saving the mother but i didnt like the driving in the game but it decent 馃榿

this game is decent but there no ending to it and it very slow but overall i like the environment and the sound really creeps me but i would like to see what behind the door 

this was one of the most weridest and funny game on horror genre i ever played and it was a decent short game 

it really spooking but I'm quite sad there wasn't no jump scare or anything like that but it really good without the jump scare

it no worries, so basically i somehow figure it out without few step by guessing i knew the book got something to do with it, but with the number I randomize  it and just enter it and it opened. and thanks 

i really like how it played out but when getting caught the guy run up to you dont feel natural i suppose but it good otherwise 馃槉

it a good game really liked how i uncovered the past of my family and hoped it was little bit more longer and investigate this past and why it happen etc

It it decent game i liked it and the most that scare me is the bookcase

This is one of the most scariest hide and seek horror i ever played 

even i did not escape i had fun trolling Michael  since he can hear me which creep me the most 

this game is really good and i enjoy it probably one of the best game i played (horror genre) 

Some Reason This Were Funny When The Person Walked Through Me 

thanks, i got annoyed about it, so i moved on

i cant really give a opinion to the game, it was crashing with no error code 

3:00 in the video 

i like this game, and this didn't scared me because I was expecting to be a jump scare but it did scare me, I like this game 

i like the story it really cool and i really wanna see more to this story 

i really wanna know if they ever meet 

it cool and the ending is very weird lol

the game was good pretty spooking kinda like p.t vibe pretty enjoyable but the ending was a random by teleporting outside, the question is how did i get there? i would give it a 10

quite scary I wish there were more jump scare or something spooking 

i liked this game it was funny and scary