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Minibilles on YT

A member registered Nov 23, 2020

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really good game really liked the idea of being in a wheel chair and loved it 10/10

had a blast and that instense feeling when some1 chasing you really enjoyed it 

Really Good Story Rich Game and useing bottle as a theme of it, had a blast playing

Def Sppoky When some1 watching me at the shop and was cool 
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Really Good Horror Game, Like The Idea of Having 2 Monstor

great short horror game, but the camera head wasnt that good def in to improve that but it a really good horror game for a 2 min with 2 ending that i know of unless i missed other one 10/10 without the camera issue and 9 currently

It was fun, i enjoyed it 8.5/10

I Playing the most randomest horror game nowsday this this is so good i had a blast playing

really like these type of game and it was differnt compared to other game which usally in your bedroom 

I Enjoy it and I Think The Ending Should Be Differnt Condersing the Ending Is The Same As Both 10/10

Really Good and interesting game, but i feel there something missing and 9/10 also give optinal about motion blur coz i do not like it 

The Chase Really Scared Me And I Like The PNG Got Slap On The Face

Really Love it, enjoyed the puzzle which was quite hard and close where you need to keypad it 

9/10 i liked this game the end got to me and my mind didnt know what to do after the jumpscare and i was just going through door without thinking

i really liked this it had creppy playthrough no jumpscare and really nice story to it 

Cool Game, liked the objective showcase and the staircase is long but it cool with the noone can leave died all lol 8/10

This game really got to me but i managed not to die from this game lol

In The End I just be a lazy kid cool game like the conpect to the game 9/10

Dark Screat That i should not know now im possessed in the family it was good and fun 

This Game quite unqiue and fun 10/10 and simple game, i really like the terrain pretty good for a short runnig game 

Really amazing even tho i dont know the story but this could actually be good if it an hour long or something kind of like journey game

i really like the game i personally think the maze is a lot scarier then the jump scare but it good

pretty good demo but when you go down it feel like you felt out of the map and I think that need to be changed in my opinion because it could be confusing  

love it but i somehow beat it with 1 cookies and it was fun enjoyable game 

Just go to basement during daytime then we wont have a issue here Great Game Just Make it full screen in my opinion instead of black bar and really good for first time 

Fun Game I Wouldn't Consider It Horror But Good Story Game

Great game I personally think the game is scary but the daughter at the end wasn’t I think it would been better jump scares and I had fun playing it 

Creepy and great atmosphere but the ending wasnt that great i personally dont think it scary but it would be better if there was an animation or a noise but yeah i think the beginning was good 

This Game Is short And I Got Both Ending And Im Not Prepare To See The Game After This 😂 

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interesting, def not a horror game but it was cool but whos care 

Short and creepy, and a bit weird but fun in it own way, pretty good game

When I Tried To Burry The People It Wont Work Sometimes

I Did Terrible only 2 dollar but im proud of me and it was a super fun game and quite buggy 

A really good short horror game and enjoyable had fun playing it and the end really got to me

Very short game, and i wish you give a option to skip the dialogue but the minigame was good i somehow got all correct, i dont know if im lucky or what but personally i would rate it a 7.5/10

This Game Was Def Good I Was Stuck For Quite Sometimes Almost Gave up But I Made It Through In The End, I Thought Maybe There Could Be A Different Ending Like You Cant Tell The Diff Between Reality And Dream All Thought It A Suggestion

Great Game Cant Wait For More I Enjoyed The Character Quite A Lot And It Was Fun Looking At People Dying For Not Moving 

I Liked This Game It Has A Good Story To It But It Too DARK