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A new trailer for the game!

Linux builds will be available with the release of build 4.0 of the remaster.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably look at these in Blender and see if I can optimise them :)

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Are these models optimised? Just would like to know and if not, is there any way I could get some sort of .blend  save files so I can edit or optimise them.

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Can I use these in a multiplayer FPS project of mine? Love the style by the way.

Great pack! Can I use these in my game?

Great to hear! Possibly the post processing adjustments.

Great game.


You could try using some free or paid assets for the map or gun to improve the game. Otherwise, I'll be happy to maybe make a model or two.

Pretty cool!

Sounds interesting. I'll definitely check it out!

If you'd like to support me directly, without processing fees, and get your rewards instantly, please support me via Patreon:

Here are all the videos in one place! If you make a video, feel free to post a topic, but also remember to post it here!

Paint Warfare Build 13 + 14 Devlog

Paint Warfare Build 12 Devlog

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The Hard Croc and Private Kookie Playing PW: (Build 12)

Playing PW with Private Kookie. (pre-itch release)

If you leave a donation, feel free to post a topic or DM me in my discord with a nickname (for the leaderboard and for the credits upon release.)

Don't forget to join the discord for exclusive rewards!


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Steam release? By the way will people who supported the game through beta testing get keys for when the game is released on steam? A discord server with supporter roles and supporter only channels could help you distribute keys and manage your community.

I feel like there needs to be more of a tutorial.

What? In minecraft you still have to pay to play snapshots. He is working on ravenfield full time and needs to support himself. You should respect that. If you'd like a good game similar to Ravenfield, I have one called Paint Warfare and it's free so you could check it out.


I'm pretty sure you already can on the steam version.

Post you gameplays here for everyone to check out! Feel free to also check out the suggestion topic to leave suggestions for upcoming updates.

Found bugs or have suggestions? Feel free to post them here! :D

Also if you'd like to apply for bata tests or want to be notified about big upcoming features or updates? Feel free to join our discord:

Feel free to also rate the game!

Due to this game only being released today, you may have trouble finding someone to play with. I reccomend playing with friends for now or joining our discord (which has pre-made channels for beta testing and voice chats for teams.)

Operation Spearhead community · Created a new topic Mac

Mac MAc MAc Mac

Bought this in the asset store. Sound effects would be nice as well as another weapon

If you made 8 bit icons such as the youtube logo, discord, logo and stuff like that, that would be epic.

Love the iOS version. Here is some gameplay I made of the map editor: 

Coming from the 3.5 release, the 4.0 beta is extremely confusing. Also can you also add the pixelate option back?

redownload it


This game is currently on sale for 90c: get it while it lasts!

Survive for as long as you can, gathering armour and resources, whilst being hailed with fire from hundreds of enemy bots, eager to get some extra kills.

Quickly swap between different tools and weapons, while being constantly on the hunt for some extra armour or ammo, collecting as much as you could possibly hold.

Have complete control over the amount of bots in your game and decide how you want to play the game!


  • Arrow keys / WASD - Movement
  • Joystick (Beta) / Mouse - Look
  • Shift - Sprint
  • E - Inventory
  • F - Interact (Enter / Exit / Use) 
  • C - Toggle Crawl / Crouch
  • V - Toggle Perspective
  • B - 3rd Person Angle
  • N - Toggle Scoreboard

Gameplay / Inspiration

This game was inspired by some hit titles such as Ravenfield, PUBG and Pixel Gun 3D. The game is a mix between all of the aspects of all 3 games in one. This was one of my first Unity FPS projects, therefore I used some assets along the way to help me out.

First, you choose the number of bots in your game, you can choose from 1 bot, all the way up to 500 bots, in one giant free for all battle. The player drops out of an aircraft (Using 'F') and lands in different areas of the map, collecting armour, food & water, swords & axes, gun and ammunition from buildings and throughout the map.

The game is completely offline and can be enjoyed on the go, without needing an internet connection. This game is great for long road trips, or when you just feel like messing around with a few bots in a free for all battle. 



Topdown Fury SE (Special Edition) is a beautiful, 8-bit tower defence game with simple mechanics. 

Survive the countless waves of slimes and bosses and protect your base for as long as you can! Play with various characters, items, and weapons with the ultimate goal of defeating the final challenger - the monstrous mother slime!

What's so special?

Topdown Fury SE gets early access to exclusive features that are not included in the iOS game. The game receives updates regularly, with new features and items.   Although some early updates may contain a few bugs, with your help we can continue working to fix these issues, and eventually bring Topdown Fury 2.0 to iOS!

Exclusive Features and Improvements

Early access to new features and improvements added exclusively to the MacOS version for beta testing. 


- Use 1-9 to switch weapons!


- WASD controls are here!

NEW POWER-UPS - Power-ups have been improved and redesigned

MINES - Mines now cost 2 coins to activate

FIXES - Fixed invisible slime damage bug

- Fixed spazer icon in shop

Recent Improvements


- Use 1-9 to switch weapons!


- WASD controls are here!

NEW POWER-UPS - Power-ups have been improved and redesigned

MINES - Mines now cost 2 coins to activate

FIXES - Fixed invisible slime damage bug

- Fixed spazer icon in shop

Older Improvements

Mines added for beta testing

Completely redesigned the game UI for a more modern, and sleek look - Added 7 new game tracks, and updated the shop and boss themes Added a mute button in the pause menu

Wow. I like what you've done with the tutorial. I don't currently have the game, but I might get it soon :)

I'm working on a new game similar to WarCry with MULTIPLAYER and cool GRAPHICS. Here's the Discord where I give free beta tests: