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I will definitely work on the singleplayer!

I could look into writing one in Unity, haven't messed around with text shaders before.

Another idea could be splitting the font into 2 sprites- the outline+shadow and the centre, and then where the font is used, you'd overlay them both.

Thanks for your feedback! If you'd be able to provide a screenshot of some sort, I'd be more than happy to look into the issue :)

Thanks a lot for taking my feedback onboard!

Sounds good, good luck! :)

This is a pretty cool game, though I have some feedback:

  • I think there should be a little more feedback in the menu UI (eg. the buttons get slightly darker when hovered or pressed) - this will make the menu feel much better
  • The movement should probably snap to tiles - maybe this isn't the direction you're going for, though I think it would improve the game greatly
  • Content is nice, though it's better to focus on gameplay first. If a the gameplay isn't that juicy and a little unpolished, then they may quit before they even reach most of the content. - I'd say you should try working on the combat a little, make it more interesting :)

Also, your game engine might be a little limiting. I'd recommend switching to something like Unity for 2D. I know it's a lot of work, though it's worth it. Originally I was using Xcode GameKit (Apples native iOS toolkit for developing games), I was doing everything manually, and it was a pain.

I had to manually position and anchor the UI with code and make custom sprites for when it was pressed, there was no visualisation, everything was code. Then I switched to Unity, and the workflow was much better, it was really intuitive, and a project that would take me at least a year, now took a few months.

Anyways, good luck on the project, and all of your future ones! :) 

Hey Zekronz, this is a nice font however I find the images a bit misleading. I bought the font because I thought that it would have that outline and bit of shadow so I wouldn't have to write shader code for text to handle that, however I just got the regular versions of the text.

I don't know if .ttf is able to support colours like that, though I think you should make it clear that it doesn't have the outline + shadows in the description.

Here's what I got:

Looks great! I'd love to see a macOS/Linux build if possible

Guys he knows what he's doing. I've made FPS games before, and adding more features while you're just prototyping and polishing just adds more work for you to do in the long run.

I can't. Otherwise I won't be able to pay for my expenses (prizes, servers, SFX, music, advertising and more).

I tried to rely on donations early on in development, (spanning around half a year) though I literally was only able to pull out around $17 USD of funding over that entire period, even with thousands of downloads monthly. I received numerous complaints about the quality of the game and SFX, and that's what led me to make the game $5 (with no DLC) for the steam release (which is relatively cheap compared to other indie FPS games like Ravenfield).

I do often give away keys as prizes, so feel free to check out the discord that:

Nice video!

Same for me. Maybe the application is 32-bit?

Nice game, a tutorial would be nice, and the game is a bit confusing at first, though it has a pretty solid foundation.

I know the dev isn't really supporting the game anymore, though it has some potential

Any way I could get the palette you use?

A new trailer for the game!

Linux builds will be available with the release of build 4.0 of the remaster.

Ok. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably look at these in Blender and see if I can optimise them :)

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Are these models optimised? Just would like to know and if not, is there any way I could get some sort of .blend  save files so I can edit or optimise them.

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Can I use these in a multiplayer FPS project of mine? Love the style by the way.

Great pack! Can I use these in my game?

Great to hear! Possibly the post processing adjustments.

Great game.


You could try using some free or paid assets for the map or gun to improve the game. Otherwise, I'll be happy to maybe make a model or two.

Pretty cool!

Sounds interesting. I'll definitely check it out!

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Here are all the videos in one place! If you make a video, feel free to post a topic, but also remember to post it here!

Paint Warfare Build 13 + 14 Devlog

Paint Warfare Build 12 Devlog

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The Hard Croc and Private Kookie Playing PW: (Build 12)

Playing PW with Private Kookie. (pre-itch release)

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If you leave a donation, feel free to post a topic or DM me in my discord with a nickname (for the leaderboard and for the credits upon release.)

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What? In minecraft you still have to pay to play snapshots. He is working on ravenfield full time and needs to support himself. You should respect that. If you'd like a good game similar to Ravenfield, I have one called Paint Warfare and it's free so you could check it out.


I'm pretty sure you already can on the steam version.