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Good game! It will be better if you add some music to it!

Ok! It work, now I can play it ^.^

It say "No compatible uploads were found for this title" when I press Install button

Fun game! I hope there will be more update!

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It's in prototype and not playable yet, just walk around! Hope to see the  full release

I can't download game, i use window

beautiful game! Hope there will be more player in the future. 

Nice game, look forward to play full game!

nice game! Please make the ship move slower that will give the player enough  time to click on the island, also make a notice sound that there will be an island ahead so that you won't miss something, how about random merchant ship? Anyway, I'm looking forward to play full game when it realease

Well, no wonder what is this game about. Watching all the woman have the same dance pose,  It's funny! I guess :)

Fun game! I hope in the future there will be more player.

Great game! 

Just turn on the light saber and run toward to the ball, this ball touch light saber and got destroy, no need to attack, I don't know is that a bug or something. And  how about making this light saber alway on because there is no reason to turn it off. Anyway I'm looking forward to this game to be updated.

I try and hit 973 score, fun game, please make it harder :) Or make the wall can move up and down, it will be a challenge mode. Hope this game will be improve in the future.

Remove The Bomb is a free minigame , the rule is simple, you have 20 second for every level to reach the bomb and defuse it.

It's my first project using unity so it still have some bug.

Anyway thanks for playing and have fun with my game! ^^

Just finish demo, great game! I look forward to play when it release. Also I think the explanation of puzzle 3 confused me a lot  that make me see the the answer to finish it. Some suggestion: Instead of text explain, you can use video ingame example to show the player how it work. Anyway, Good luck with your project! Sorry for my bad english.