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It's has been taking a long time to get completed, but it's still being worked on.  They posted an update on their kickstarter recently.

How many characters will be romanceable in the full game?

Sounds great. Can't wait for the release!

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How many characters can you romance in this game? How much of a part does romance play in this game? Approximately how long will it take to complete a playthrough?

oh, ok. I was just confused since the first sentence in the description says "Forbidden is a Mystery and romance visual novel , where the player has the opportunity to choose HIS (it should be her) own adventure. 

Anyways, I will play the demo soon and will let you know what I think. I have to say that the artwork is beautiful!

Do we play as a male or female character?

Woohoo! Another Chapter! I'm amazed at how frequently you update. Much props on all the hard work. I don't know if this was asked before, but how many chapters do you plan for this VN to have?

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That's okay.  I'm in no rush and am sure it will be worth the wait. I look forward to the kickstarter.

I enjoyed the demo! I can't wait for more. Brenton is my favorite so far. I wouldn't mind staying just for him :) Do you have an estimate on when the full release will be?

Any updates? I'd love to play the demo.

Does this have any romance? Are there any choices or is this kinetic?

is this still being worked on?

I played this game like 6 months ago. I can't recall thinking there was a problem with the graphics. I was more focused on the writing. In fact, your artstyle is very unique and stands out to me in a positive way. Keep up the good work. There are not many games that focus on Mentai Health so I'm excited for more. Best Wishes!

Approximately what is the total word count for the full game?

You had me at "dark fantasy." I just finished playing the demo and really enjoyed what you have so far. I love the atmosphere and the fact that the characters are mature adults. I'm kind of tired of playing games mostly geared towards teens, so this was a nice change. 

I found a spelling mistake. When the shop owner says "I though you had better taste...".  It should be *thought* . No big deal. 

Anyways, I wish you the best with this project and everything else. I'll be keeping an eye out for updates.

Thank You!

Approximately how many hours will it take to complete this or how many words in all does this game contain?

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Check out

Diplomatic Relations Demo (if you don't mind GxG)

Court of Ashes (There is no demo, but the planned full release date is sometime in October). It will be available on steam.

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This sounds sooooo good. I like that how different it seems compared to the usual VN. I look forward to playing the full game in the future. I don't want to play the demo, since it will be pure torture not knowing how the story unfolds. 

Looking forward to the Kickstarter!

Oh, and I know it's early on, but do you have a rough idea of how long (estimated word count or hours) the full game will be?

This looks interesting and the art is very nice. I will be playing this soon.

How is progress coming along? Do you have an estimated release date for the full version?

How many characters are romanceable?

Wow, so many! I look forward to playing the full release.

Will there be any romance? If so, how many characters can you romance? What length do you expect each playthrough to be?

I love this VN. I suffer from the things the MC does. Knowing that the content would likely make me feel uncomfortable since dealing with the same things, I think it has helped me see that in order to change for the better, you must step out of your comfort zone and seek help. Of course, It's not as easy as that, but it gave me something to really think about.

That would be nice. I'm starting to like that type too:)

There is a grammatical error in the screenshot where Marguerite is the speaker. She says "I don't known" but I'm assuming you mean "I don't know." 

 Approximately how many words does this game contain?

Any news?

Can you give an approximate word count on this game?

Can't wait to play! In the "about the game" section of the description, you put "pronounce" but I think you meant "pronouns." 

I enjoyed the demo. Looking forward to the full release.  I loved your previous games. Especially Serafina's Saga and Crown.

I  noticed a glitch.  There is a scene where the agent is supposed to be held at knife point, but at some point you no longer see him, you just see August holding the knife. Just thought you'd like to know.

As stated by Lunaria, the text is slow even when set to max. This was easily remedied by clicking the spacebar or mouse twice to see the full text in one go.

Do you have an estimated release date for this? Approximately how many words do you plan for this game to contain? Do you plan on putting this on kickstarter? 

I’ve played 4 routes and so far my favorite character is Gunnar. Can’t wait to play the rest. If you would like this game to get more attention, I think posting it on lemmasoft would help greatly. 

Yay!  Sounds great. Looking forward to the finished product.

Is it still scheduled to release on Valentine's Day?

Any updates?

How many romanceable characters and endings are there?

I really liked the demo. Looking forward to the full game :)

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Do you have any idea of how many chapters the full game will be?

Can I play Seduce Me 2 as a standalone or will I be lost?