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Hi, I played it,  I will have wonderful nightmares about being crushed :P

I need the link to the LD page, so I can vote on it please. 

Hey, it's a great looking game, but it's not attached to me at all.  Here's the link to game:

And, I included the Steam trailer because I thought it look amazing. Thanks for telling me about the game. :D

Forager demo?  I didn't make that game, sorry.

Hey, just saw the comment for this on my Youtube channel. I'll highlight it the next vid I make :)

Thank you

<Spoiler Alert>

LOL, yeah, I ran out of time... so the meta is avoiding enemies you can't kill while commenting about it.  It's also a nightmare I had as a kid and while trying to finish the game. :P

Yeah, I understand, had issues exporting it, thanks for trying.

Really? I need to research it more, but on initial search, I didn't find it via google versus how easy I found making a .exe file. 

Yes, I believe I did, on the empty "W", right? I am using Chrome as well. 

I like the game, but couldn't click to the next part :/

Sigh, my game doesn't run on mac, but I like youtube ;) check out mine sometime. 

Can't get past the first puzzle with the keys on the W... I tired placing it on other keys, but it didn't work. 

My first part :D

Sad face, I can't run it. So I can't rate. I am sad because I wanted to love your game. 

I post a time stamp to when I play your game, from my Let's Play. 

Just played this, great game :D

OMG, you are right, I almost didn't play this bc issues, but wow, yeah really cool concept.

Sadly, I'm out, but I would like people to at least play and/or record their playthrough. If you do, plz link below ;)

Hey all good luck, this will be my last DEVLOG for the JAM next 2 days. Not sure I'll make it, but at least I learned a lot and got inspired. 

What other jams are they doing? 

Thanks for submitting... I might do it again next year ;) 

Hey, all looking to see where everyone else is, as well as sharing where I'm at. 

Agree... getting to five minutes for me right now is a challenge. 

Hey, did you look at Opengameart.org ?

Aetheric Games,  Hey show anyone this post, or please give me contact info. This is an image of the main character. And here is a Devlog related to the METAGAME Jam.

Ideally, this is for anyone who want to work with Godot 3. However, I would love a sound designer or music maker.  However, in the future, love to have a game jam buddy list.  :D Thank you :D

I researched out to some communities I'm a part of who are not gamedevs at all, but play games. So, let the votes happen, and let's see what people think. Sadly, some people who did submit, decided to remove their game, as they felt it wasn't appropriate or in true spirit of the jam. 

About the prize money:  It will happen in a couple of months. Keep your games free please in that time, but keep the option to name your own price from $0.00, and I will pay the $70.00 based on people's vote. At the end, let's just consider this the icing on the cake, and not the real cake. 

I will be playing these game and making a YouTube vid about the entire jam, but for now. I'm all about the #MetaGameJam ;)

Hey all, as the community posts seems a little dead, I'd like to share some more pre-dev thoughts for the game jam. This time around I'm looking at how to use pre-made assets with the theory of "Model and Improve". In other words, how not to be an @$$ when asset flipping. Love to have some thoughts and comments below ;)

Hi all, 
Going to try and use Godot 3 this jam. This will be a first for me. Here's my first Devlog for this Jam. Anything, I am planning to use I'm going to mention and you should be able to access for free ;) . 

Do you guys have Youtube channels or websites?  Always looking to sub for sub or follow great people ;)

Plz, link below ;) 

First off, I want to thank Treeangle for submitting a game as this was not an easy topic to adress. However, given some interest I'm exteding this game jam until the 18th. I'm also going to hold votes in indiegame chat on FB and 1 open minded feminist group. Sadly, will loose 1 judge bc of time constrants... but with only 1 game not much for her to play. I hope the extension encourages others.

TY... I'll play it within a week.  I'm also going to extend this by a week and 1/2. 

Sure... 2 sundays from now. Would that be enough time?

Hi all,
The #ME2 movement has finally hit S.Korea, and many women are speaking up. The abuses are coming in and change is starting to happen. Here's a link to a related news story if you are interested.

Some more good news my friend Katie got interviewed for being a female developer. Seems right to post this as International Woman's Rights Day is coming soon.  To be honest, I've been busy this last month and did not promote this as much as I could have or maybe should have. Devs who were interested felt that it was too hard of a subject to make a game for. Still, I hope for more submissions by tomorrow. I'm also willing to extend the deadline by one week for anyone who would like to try, as well as others who may want to polish their game.  I will also be playing these games on my youtube Channel, so more polish the better. And, I may make this an annual thing. It's also looks like Itch.io has solved price money issue as all I have to do is buy the game on here :D  And, here's the next game jam I'm a part of. If starts in ten days... hope to see you there. https://itch.io/jam/metagamejam 

Hey, having some issues running it in Chrome browser. You might have to edit the default settings for the game page so that it loads right and I can play it. I would set the frame size to whatever size you have your game set at in dpi. 

No worries,  there's like 24 hours left, how long would it take you to make a game? 

Oh, we got the News in the US of the public Anti-gay bashing that seemed to be supported by Putin  some years back. And,  how super religious groups with money and influence have supported hate/hate crimes against non-binary genders. At the time Obama was in office, so most of us were like, wow, how can a president support these kinds of groups? Now, LOL, we have F'f Trump :( .

I had students from Russia who studied in the US confirm the hardships non-binary genders still faced. Even the Overwatch news to not support Tracer bc she "came out" a couple years back says something.  Right? However, never visited the country, so my info is all 3rd party. 

Free use Kitra

Or inkscape
Paid use Manga Studio Pro

I'd be interested to help, and the fact you posted in Russian says a lot. 

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So a talk in indie-game chat, lead to this idea that no shooter has ever tangled with sexual harassment. The two stories are related to this topic.  Originally, in indie-game chat, came the idea of a female solider who had been harassed by her peers, then after a #zombie #outbreak has to kill them in the US Marine base she was stationed in. The themes would then be explored as flashbacks as she visited different places in the game. 

Of course, other groups such as gays or minorities can also fall in the social commentary of this type of anti-harassment theme as the US Military as had a long history of discrimination and service.  To that effect, many branches of the US military have anti-harassment classes now. 

1) https://www.haaretz.com/.premium-idf-s-harassment-problem-refuses-to-go-away-1.5357327

2)  https://www.vox.com/first-person/2017/3/9/14861796/marines-sexual-harassment-sex...

I still agree with the video I posted, but this seems to be valid critical response. Many women have told over the years the harassment they had from females while going to school. There's an article  I linked talking about the differences of bullying between the sexes, but it's given me some food for thought with the type of game I would want to make.