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Cataclysm [Beta] community · Created a new topic Feedback

If you have any feedback for the game, please post it here!

(Locked until game release)

Cataclysm [Beta] community · Created a new topic General

For general topics.

same =/

I had a bit of fun on this one! It was buggy but what can I expect for a jam game?

So you can improve, I will list a few bugs.

  • When you start the level, you can fall straight into a hole.
  • If you don't run into any holes, nothing will happen.
  • Your hole can spawn inside of another hole, usually resulting in death.

Thank you!


Great game! Could use a few sound effects though..

Oh. My. Goodness. The difficulty caught me off guard but after a few attempts, I got the hang of it. It is actually rather fun. (I did rage quit on the third level though) Slowing the audio down as you loose health is a really nice touch!

The dirt was one of my favourites too. I think I spent way too much time on it!


Thank you! As for the lighting, I am working on it. I haven't really done much with it before so that is to be expected. And for sounds... I COMPLETLY forgot to add them. I had the effects ready but.. I guess it's too late now.

I tried making it harder the more you play, the only problem was that if the difficulty got a tiny bit higher, it would be almost impossible. The spawn-rate is capped at 51.

Thanks! I personally liked the trail too. I for a whole day I was messing around with settings trying to get it perfect! =D

How did you know?? Yes, I did use Bosca Ceoil. Sorry if it hurt your ears =\

Okay, so I did a quick test, and I see what you mean. For some reason the spawn chance has been lowered. I will fix that quickly.

I really don’t know. It took me hours.


Stuck on 34


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We have just released a new simulation game! It is called Destruction Simulator and you are able to find it here. In this simulator, You can fly around and fire cannonballs at towers that you can spawn. The towers are made of small cubes that each react to physics and you can get some pretty cool results by messing around with some settings:

  • You can enable and disable gravity for your tower by pressing P
  • You can freeze time by pressing N
  • You can enter slow motion by holding Z

Here are a few screenshots:


Thank you for your time!

We have removed this game :(

Flood Run community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

Please report any bugs here. Thanks!

No swearing or inappropriate references, thanks!