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thanks! :D

hey guys! i just released my first ever asset! id really appreciate it if you check it out!

(if you also have any feedback on how i could improve, id love to hear your thoughts !!)

thanks for your feedback! :D

ive actually had a few people say that i need less screenshake xDD but thank you for enjoying my game! :D

thank you for playing my game! :D

i actually did get quite a bit of inspiration from nuclear throne xD 

thank you for liking my game! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

some people have suggested i change the aspect ratio as it can be quite hard to see in front of you. sadly i cant change the game during rating :(

but thanks for playing anyways! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

ive actually had a few people complain about the small aspect ratio and people suggest i add a health system. sadly i cant change the submission after rating has started :( but thank you for your feedback anyways! :D

thank you for playing my game! :D

the dust effect is actually really simple:

first i create an object with a circle shape, then i make it gradually get smaller overtime, then i just make it move in a random direction from the player's feet! 

hope that answered your question! :D

thank you so much! im glad you like the game a lot! :D

thanks! :D

thank you for playing! :D

thank you so much! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

dragging the bodies around sounds like it could be a fun and interesting game mechanic! perhaps ill do that when (and if) i update the game! also thank you for liking the paint effect! :D i put a lot of effort into making that look nice so im glad it paid off! :D

thank you! :D

thank you! :D

this game has a very interesting premise behind it, i like how you have to farm guns and then use those guns to shoot enemies. its a really neat idea! however i found it quite difficult to even get to the stage where i can get guns and once i did there were so many enemies on screen that it became near impossible to even collect them. the difficulty curve goes up way too fast in my opinion. perhaps increase the amount of time in between rounds? i feel like that would help the gameplay quite a bit. but overall the game was quite polished and the idea behind it was pretty great too! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

ive had a few complaints about a proper health system, but im glad you liked the visual effects! :D

overall this game has a very interesting premise, i liked how the player could only move around a "ball" (not really sure what to call it) and that was fun! the only thing i didnt quite like was how the player pretty much slows down to a slow crawl whenever he accidentally picks up an item. music and sound effects were quite nice! i enjoyed them quite a bit.

overall 4/5! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

sound effects were pretty last minute, when i finished making the jump sound nice, i realised i spent an hour doing that so i had to kind of rush all the other sound effects (including the gun sadly D:) but thanks so much for playing my game! :D im glad you enjoyed it!

i really loved this game! the visual style reminds me of old games like doom and wolfenstein 3d! however the aiming was a bit wonky for me and i found the attacks to be quite slow, but overall it was a pretty amazing experience! 4.5/5

thanks for the feedback! :D

i was wondering why the gameplay felt a bit off, now that i think about it a health system would have been perfect! gosh im really dumb sometimes, but im glad you liked the visual effects i made! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

ive gotten a few complaints about the audio being a bit unbalanced, but im glad you like the visual aspect of the game! i put about half of my time into making it look nice so im glad that paid off! again thank you for playing! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D

my intention was to make the enemies quite dumb and easy to "mow" through as i felt it made the killing of enemies just that little bit more satisfying, but thank you for enjoying my game! :D

thanks for your feedback! :D 

i have gotten several complaints about the screen shake being a bit much and the aspect ratio being too small, but im glad you enjoyed the game! :D

overall this has been one of my favourite games in this jam! i love the combination of rhythm and bullet hell, it provides a nice challenge! overall 5/5! :D

very interesting gameplay! i love rhythm games so this was right up my alley! i really liked how the spears would throw on the beat! :D

the game was quite enjoyable to play! 

some things that were good:
- gameplay is incredibly unique, never really seen a game where you dont control the player

- lighting is really nice, reminds me of "nuclear throne"

- colour scheme is quite pleasant to look at
- particle effects were nice

some things that were bad:
- difficulty curve ramps up quite fast, and it feels like luck when you complete a level
- sword moves a bit too slow for my liking

other than that it was a really nice game to play! very cool! :D

thank you for your feedback!

yeah, ive had some people complain about the excessive screen shake and loud sound effects. but im glad you enjoyed the game! :D

thank you for your feedback!

most of the screenshake and sound effects were made super last minute, so im very sorry that you thought some of it was overdone :( 
thats the same as the boss fight, i sort of just slapped it together super last minute just to get somewhat of a decent ending.

but other than that im glad you enjoyed it! :D

i can definitely see what the attempt was for this game, but its quite confusing and unclear what the aim was. this game probably would benefit from sound effects/particles. but overall it was a pretty nice game! :D

great game! :D i really liked the "1 button" controls! however, i feel like the jump sound effect is quite loud, perhaps you should turn that down a bit? i also would have liked to see some game juice (e.g. screenshake, particle effects, etc) but overall it was a pretty fun game! :D

the game has a very interesting concept, i like how you cant move unless you are attacking. that part was pretty fun! but the levels did get quite repetitive, and i would have liked to see some more juice (screen shake, permanence, etc) but overall it was pretty fun to play! :D

this game was quite fun! the chiptune music really fits the game well! on one of my runs i managed to get 4 chests in a row :0 but it was still really fun! :D good job!

i can tell a lot of work was put into this game, the story was quite charming and the gameplay was very engaging! i must say i am quite impressed with this jam game! it was a pleasure playing it! :D

quite fun! but the web version is quite laggy. i would suggest you upload a downloadable .exe file or something! but i quite enjoyed the game! :D

i would assume that coming up with an idea and looking for tutorials/scripts would also be counted as using the 48 hours. correct me if im wrong

i did a speed run of this game! first one to sub 3 minutes! (at least i think i am)

my times :P
some are slower than others, but im pretty proud of my times

hey thanks for commenting! im currently working on a full version of the game so keep an eye out for that!

oh epic! thanks for playing my game and making a video about it!