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this was very very cute! thank you for making it, was a really heartwarming short playthrough. hope you branch out and make more!! 

this vibes hard. huge fan of this.

really loved everything about this! the colors, the music, the level design, everything! this rules all over!

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update: on my second run through, the game for some reason got hit with my anti-virus, which deleted the actual .exe. not sure if anyone else has run into this problem, and i'm not seeing anything that would trigger it in the code. still think it's worth looking into!

you have a really good choice in audios and pacing, and this is like every dark part of dr. habit's habitat that i've ever wanted! i can't wait for this if you pick it back up! lots of love! 

cute for the few minutes it took to play! absolutely loved the shakiness of the player's hand after the "twist". you continue to follow instructions despite the aching feeling in your body. welcome to capitalism. 

would be lying if i said this DIDN'T change my life.

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this was really insightful & thought-provoking and an overall super good game. really loved all of the art and effects you did for this. really loved all of the small interactions with friends. thank you for creating this game!


this was a really lovely little game. the sound, the use of color, and everything else about it made me feel melancholy in a way like floating on the surface of a pool. and that's a good thing.

thank you for this! 

this was really sweet and warm. the music was very sweet, and your use of colors and tiling is really incredible. i fell in love with this!!! thank you for making something so lovely.
really appreciated the stardew valley reference btw!

happened to get the true ending on the first try. this is a really lovely game, especially for something you made in two weeks. the music and sounds are unsettling, the story is soft yet jagged and stabs you in each limb. one of my favorite games i've played in a while. thank you for this.

this is probably my favorite bitsy game i've ever played. atmospheric, thoughtful, there aren't enough words to describe it. good work. seriously.

a really lovely game. it's surreal but in a comforting way i've never felt before. thank you for this.

this shit was so cute..................................