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Milan Lefferts

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Thanks :D It's a bit experimental and rushed, but glad you enjoyed it. I'll check out your channel and let you know if I release a more substantial game ^^

Haha. A proper horror game.. with no horror :D

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Hey man ^^
Thanks  for playing! It's a weird and experimental title, completely understand the criticism. It wasn't really meant to be played as a scary horror game, and more an outlet for something stuck in my head. I'll hit you when I make a 'proper' game that has a bit more to it!

 ~ Milan

Thanks a bunch ^^ That was all I was going for, glad to hear you got it :)

Hey ^^
Thanks so much for playing my short, experimental game. I'll let you know when I release my next (more substantial) project!
~ Milan

Hey :)
Thanks a bunch for playing my short little game ^^ Nice to see you got the sense of unease at its core! Good luck with your channel and I'll let you know when I release a bit more substantial game in the future!
~ Milan

Hey Jar_Red :)

Thanks for playing! I like your multiple interpretations of it, which is something I kept in the air on purpose. I'll let you know if an updated (AI working correctly) version is released, or I make something a bit meatier :) Good luck with the channel!

~ Milan

Hey there!

Thanks for playing ^^ You're completely right: the creature's AI was one of the last things I could implement within the time frame, so the actual 'gameplay' here is pretty basic (if non-existent). Good luck with your channel, if I ever release an updated version or a longer game, I'll definitely let you know!

~ Milan

Thanks for playing <3

No worries, always open to criticism. Good luck with your channel!

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Hey there :)

Honestly, I'm even pretty surprised that you thought it had potential! I made this 'game' (I'd refer to it more as a short experience to be honest) in 12 hours for the Global Game Jam. It was made more to get an idea/concept out of my head and into the world than to provide meaningful gameplay. Thanks for playing anyway, and hopefully when I make an 'actual' game, you'll try it!

~ Milan

Thanks for playing my game jam mini-game :) When my next (bigger) project comes out, I'll be sure to let you know ^^

Haha hey ^^ Thanks for trying it out, glad you could get a laugh out of it! :D

This project is on hold for the moment, as other games have taken priority (those that allow me to eat food and live in a house, etc.). Still, please try it out and let me know what you think! :D

If there are any bugs, please let me know! I was hastily cobbled together, so there are bound to be some problems ^^