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Hi ^^ I tested your game and I must say I loved it!
Even if I must say I had to search a bit what I had to do and how to open doors (probably my bad for both), I enjoyed it a lot! I also tried to do some voice acting (never tested before) but failed miserably ^^"

I will do your other game later ^^ thanks for sharing such an awesome game!

Hi! I tested your game (last game)

Even if I'm not really trying to play correctly (I kinda fought like a cat XD), I had a really fun time playing your game! If I could just give an advice though, maybe make the fight scene a bit less shiny, because it's way too white (it's kinda burning the image). A bit more saturation could help too I think ^^ Anyway, good job! Hope to see more soon! :D

Hi I tested your game (second game) (the 0.7 version though):

It was... Weird? I mean, I think I could totally enjoy taking care of her and stuff, but the...Hm... "pantsu" achievement... I will never do that honestly XD 
That said, it is very well made! I didn't play that much because I didn't really have the time to explore more but I could see there were a lot of things to do, so good job! Hoping I could see it finished one day! :D

Hi! I tested your game in my video (it's the first game):

It was fun, even in such an early state! It really has potential ^^ But as you will see in the test, I had a huge bug, and I honestly hesitated to Alt+F4 because I could not escape from it ^^" (adding a little tutorial could be good btw ♥)

Anyway good job, I hope I could see more soon! :)

Hi! I tested your game! :)

I really enjoyed it! The style and concept are really cool, it's wonderful, and even if I had some troubles with controls, I had a very good time playing it! Good job guys ^^

PS: Did you do other games?

Hi! I played your game (last game)!

It's a really nice concept! It's cute, easy to understand and play, and fun! Good job, hoping to see more soon! ^^

Hi, I played your game ^^

It goes right in my top 3 games I found on itchio to be honest! It's fun, awesome looking, and Tanuki is really cool! It took me a little time to control the drifts correctly but it's an amazing game! Got it in my wishlist, hoping I will be able to buy it when it goes out! AMAZING JOB GUYS! 5* :)

Hi! I tried your game ! :)

I'm amazed on how much work there is behind  this game! And everything is so original , fun and cool! I would honestly love to play the full game! Thanks for sharing such a well made demo too! ^^

(The combo where you smash ennemies on the ground is the most satisfying thing I've done in a loooong time  XD)

Hi! I tested your game! ^^

It was really fun! I'm amazed that you did all that in 3 days! It's a great game, good job! :)

Hi! I tested your game! ^^

Your game is really fun and cute! It  took me a little bit of time to understand how to play (I was really tired ^^') but I honestly loved it! Good job ^^

Hi! I tested your game ^

It took me a little time to get what I had to do but if was fun! ^^

Hi! I played your game in my video! ^^ (that's the second game I played)

To make it short ; it's AWESOME. I love the art style, the music is amazing and the gameplay is really fun! And I say that even if the end of chapter 2 made me rage as much as when I die in Dark Souls. It's the best indie game I played so far. Awesome job! Keep it up! :)

Hi! I played your game in my video! ^^ (that's the last game I played)

Honestly even if that's a simple game, it's really fun! And it help me to calm myself, since the second game made me RAGE X) Thanks for your work ^^

Hi! I tested your game in my video!

It was really cute and fun! I love the reference btw ^^

Hi! I tested your game in my video!

I must say I thought I was going to destroy my keyboard due to the bugs, but since it's still in developpement it's normal ^^' I hope to see more soon :)

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Hi! I tested your game in my video :) 

It was really really fun (I'll probably replay it later to get all the skins ^^) thanks for making such a cute and fun game :D