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Made the changes needed.


Mikko Tahtinen

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Post-apocalyptic oil tanker

Direct link UNREAL ENGINE 4 version: https://mikkotahtinen.itch.io/post-apocalyptic-oil-tanker

Direct link UNITY3D version: https://mikkotahtinen.itch.io/oil-tanker

Information: Scenery prop for use in any game environment or level. The ship is 150 meters long, 34 meters high, and 23 meters wide. You can use it as a prop, key point or as part of a scene where you can incorporate it into a level. Interior of the ship is NOT modeled. The ship is entirely for exterior use only. Many objects can be used as single props with or without the ship and can be rearranged, but there are ship specific objects that are modeled into combined groups to specially fit the ships topology and geometry. See technical information below.

Keywords: A post catastrophe, apocalyptic, or dystopian world where you would like to use a wrecked, rusted, or heavily worn ship to accommodate your game level. Imagine a dried up desert. Winter landscape where it is frozen into a icy environment or just floating in ocean water like a ghost ship.

Seller link: https://itch.io/search?q=mikkotahtinen

Hope you'll enjoy it!

Awesome! Thanks for fast reply! i consider this thread as SOLVED :)

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Don't know if this is the place to ask, but I cannot find my projects I uploaded and published in game assets.  I try to browse and see my published projects, but nothing is displayed. I cannot search for them eather. They just don't appear. Must be something I've done wrong. 

I checked visibility & access and it is set to public.

Public access settings Disable new downloads & purchases , Unlisted in search and browse is unchecked.

Any ideas?