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Mikkel Sørensen

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Woops! Thank you for catching that Unreal :P
Fancy seeing you here ;)

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Hey Tiger! I get that's confusing! I work at LootLocker and this is outdated! Please use our reference website here: If any other issues should arrive please do not hesitate to ping me on discord under the alias: AlmightyMikkel

Thanks for making amazing music!!

That's the perfection

Thank you so much for the feedback! We will for sure take this further and see what we can do about it :) Glad you liked the game!

Hey @WorkingClassDuck!
If you need a few more hours notify me and I will allow you to submit a bit later :)

Dm me on discord for late submission :P

Theme is Linked together :D

You can use assets if the license allows so :) We always say make as much as you can yourself, it'll be better practise for you, but yeah assets are allowed!

U'll have to wait till monday to be sure heheh

Very cool!

If you want to submit late, please dm me on discord!

Yes ofc! Dm me on discord!

If anyone misunderstood the jam then dm me on Discord :) I am Mikkel on Danis server!

You can make it so it fits. You can say that the game is being told about someone from the future about a bad event.

You need to follow the guidelines of :)

Yeah ofc!

It would be great if you did, that way we can actually see how many is working on it!

If you are allowed to use them ofc, but try to make as much yourself!

Ofc dude! 

Yes! :D

Overly sexualised content is a nogo, gore and suicide is also not appreciated :)

GMT +1

Sure! But not a lot of people can test it so don't expect high votes :P

GMT +1 :)

It's up to you :)

You can use Visual scripting :)

Yes,  this is to ensure that people don't just get other people to vote for them :) Gotta be in the game to win the game

I can't really find much about the license, it just says only use in Unreal Engine, so you should be fine :)

We hope you wanna challenge yourself by only using stuff you've made during the jam! :)

I'll have to check that later today! The jam ends the 7th then there's a week where people can play each others games and vote!

We advice you not to, but we cannot stop you :) just make sure it fits the theme ;)

He has not said anything about whether he'll participate or not :)

Yeah, the theme will be released new years eve, then the jam starts the 2nd of January!

It was for sure a typo haha, but I am glad I didn't make anything incorrect :D Have a great jam guys!

Yea you can use scratch! As long as it's on :)

You just make a game with some friends or other people, then one of you submit the game and make sure to write who did what so we can see it :)

The Topic will be shown new years eve, and then the jam starts the 2nd of January :)